Central Washington Spacecraft
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30 Most Beautiful Tiny Houses in the World

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Central Washington Spacecraft
Courtesy of zillow.com


Tiny houses might not have much interior space, but they leave plenty of room for creativity nonetheless. In recent years, nonprofits and private contractors have been offering increasingly original designs and amenities for this eco-friendly architectural trend, which in some cases undermine this housing option's affordability. (Many tiny houses can be found across the country for under $20,000.) The following are some of the most luxurious and inventive residences around the world still cozy enough to qualify as tiny houses.

"Amplified" Tiny House
Courtesy of vivacollectiv.com


The best thing about this 400-square-foot home in Fayetteville, Arkansas, isn't the main house, it's the attached 120-square-foot trailer that both looks and functions as a giant amplifier. This was the brainchild of Trans-Siberian Orchestra's electric violinist Asha Mevlana, who enlisted the help of designer Brian Crabb, among others, to build the adjoining L-shaped structure for her to play outdoor concerts at home and on the road.

Airship 002
Courtesy of airbnb.com


Built using recycled heavy-duty aluminum and stainless steel, the appropriately named Airship 002 is a spacecraft-esque dwelling that sits on a 4-acre plot of land by the Scottish coast. Roderick James Architects designed the 420-square-foot home to include a wood stove, sleeper sofa, compost toilet, stargazing ceiling portholes, a rooftop rainwater collection system, and a wooden deck. It's available to rent through Airbnb for $193 per night.

Tudor House
Courtesy of tinyheirloom.com


Say you want something timeless from your tiny home rather than something modern or retro-futurist — this miniature Tudor-style home from Tiny Heirloom may be just the thing. In addition to hickory hardwood floors, granite countertops, copper clawfoot tub, and timbered exterior walls, the 220-square-foot home also boasts a spiral staircase leading to its bedroom loft and skylight.

The Slim Fit
Courtesy of anarocha.nl


The Slim Fit is only tiny going by horizontal space, as this micro-home from Dutch architecture firm Ana Rocha spreads its 538 square feet of floor space across three levels. The high ceilings and vertical hardwood exterior accentuate the unique design, while each floor is neatly confined in 176 square feet.

Moon Dragon House
Courtesy of zylvardos.com


Olympia, Washington, resident and small-living specialist Zyl Vardos built this evocatively named tiny house in 2016 using Dutch-style doors, mahogany ply walls, cork floors, large sleeping loft, full kitchen and a curved shape reminiscent of a Hobbit home or other fairy tale dwelling. Originally priced at $96,000, the Moon Dragon house design was unavailable for order at the time of this writing.

Escape Homes' Vista
Courtesy of escapetraveler.net


Introduced in 2016, this modernist design quickly became a bestseller for the Wisconsin-based contractor Escape Homes, which has been building well-equipped tiny homes and delivering them directly to customers for roughly 25 years. The 175-square-foot Vista sells for $48,600 and comes with pre-finished cedar siding and panoramic windows on the outside, hardwood flooring and optional kitchen range on the inside, and recycled cell foam insulation to help lodgers withstand any weather conditions.

Walden Studio
Courtesy of waldenstudio.nl


Author Henry David Thoreau wrote his masterwork "Walden" based on the time he spent living in isolation at a cramped cabin in Massachusetts, and this 182-square-foot tiny home aims to evoke that same sense of peace and solitude in the context of this modern trend. The first home of its kind to be legally placed by a municipality in the Netherlands, it was built by the Dutch tiny-housing "pioneer" Marjolein Jonker with numerous skylights and nooks to accommodate storage space alongside the kitchen, bedroom, and dining areas.

Courtesy of backcountrytinyhomes.com


Tina and Luke Orlando, the husband-and-wife team behind Oregon-based Backcountry Tiny Homes, design and build custom trailer-ready abodes for pet owners and off-grid adventurers alike, including their 200-square-foot Basecamp model. There are built-in kennels and food bowls for dogs as well as a sliding gate to section off the sleeping area, plus eco-friendly features like a rainwater collection system, solar rooftop panels, and composting toilet. Pricing for the model ranges from $32,600 for just the home and trailer to $66,500 for full furnishings and appliances.

Alpha Tiny House
Courtesy of newfrontiertinyhomes.com


This flagship design from Nashville's New Frontier Tiny Homes is a backcountry home base tailor-made for the age of Instagram, with subway-tiled walls, farmhouse-style kitchen fixtures, distressed wood furnishings, Edison light bulbs, and even a cedar-floored fold-out deck. Clever design elements — like a dining table stored under the step-up kitchen or a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom — make the 240-square-foot residence feel like much more.

Courtesy of greenmoxie.com


Following numerous articles covering the 21st century explosion of interest in tiny living, the Canadian sustainable-living blog Greenmoxie finally got into the business themselves in late 2016 with this off-grid, 340-square-foot structure. With prices starting at $65,000, the Greenmoxie feels open and modern despite its size and use of reclaimed materials, with its most unique feature being the electric-operated deck that folds out like a drawbridge.

Shipping Container Tiny House
Courtesy of tinyhouselistings.com


Custom Container Living is a Missouri-based company that handily repurposes shipping containers for use as chic private dwellings or commercial offices. Converted from a 40-foot shipping container, this $47,900 model is partially carved out to accommodate a covered porch, while inside the sloped ceilings leave space for lots of storage and a sleeping loft large enough for a queen bed.

rEvolve House


This tiny house design by a group of students from Santa Clara University placed first in the nation's first tiny house contest, held by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District in 2016. In addition to green features like solar panels and energy-storing saltwater batteries, the rEvolve House boasts 238-square-feet of interior space including a kitchen with fold-down table, elevated sleeping area with Murphy bed, and a roof deck accessible via spiral staircase. It currently serves as a temporary accommodation for Operation Freedom Paws, which pairs service dogs with veterans in need.

Little Lou
Courtesy of littleloutinyhouse.com


In 2014, Vermonter Chrissy Lou started planning and construction on her own tiny house to support the waste-free lifestyle she sought. The result was "Little Lou," a 200-square-foot blue clapboard tiny home on wheels with an impressively modern kitchen, spiral staircase leading to the sleeping loft, and a propane heating setup to withstand the northern winters.

Mini Cabin
Courtesy of forvillagers.com


Natalie Pollard's tiny home in Candler, North Carolina, looks like the ideal hybrid between a modern trailer home and old-fashioned log cabin from the outside, with lots of natural light filtering through strategically-placed windows on the inside. The 265-square-foot structure is about as full of locally sourced furnishings and indulgent kitchen appliances as can be without feeling cramped.

Courtesy of rmodul.com


In February of this year, modular-building maker Ryterna Modul's Architectural Challenge called on nearly 1,500 participants to construct the best possible tiny home that can still have zero impact on the environment. The winner was the truly unique WaveHouse design by Abdolrahman Kadkhodasalehi, a parabolically curved structure featuring full-wall windows on either end and a refinery tank to purify and recycle sink and shower water.

The Escher Tiny Home
Courtesy of airbnb.com


With help from the builders at New Frontier Tiny Homes, Bella Fishbeyn and her husband tailored their tiny home in Boulder Creek, California, to suit their needs and those of their infant daughter as she grew. They prioritized a spacious kitchen and open floorplan with numerous windows and entry-points, resulting in a 300-square-foot finished product that inspires them to both dine together and explore the surrounding outdoors.

Short Bus Tiny House


On a whim, Julie and Kai Branns bought an old short bus they saw for sale around their neighborhood in Berlin, and within months converted it into a stylish 118-square-foot mobile home, complete with distressed wood storage cupboards, mini woodstove, raised sleeping area, and multiple entrances. The couple now blog about their travels and tiny-house endeavors on Instagram.

Old Blue Chair Tiny House
Courtesy of airbnb.com


This Airbnb listing offers a compact lodging with no shortage of outdoor hangout space, featuring a raised wooden deck and benches situated atop Tennessee's panoramic Lookout Mountain. There's also a firepit and jacuzzi tub, while inside you'll find a bright white interior with a full kitchen and cozy reading nook.

Le Koroc
Courtesy of daigno.ca


The Quebecois woodworkers at Daigno designed this 24-foot-long tiny houseboat to be the perfect sustainable base for a summer lake trip, with a millwork cedar structure sitting atop a floating pontoon base. The boat draws from solar panels for electricity and propane fuel for its cooktop and heater, while the sink and shower use a custom-built system to obtain clean water from a cistern or directly out of the lake. The most basic form of Le Koroc starts at $5,000.

Courtesy of big.dk


Modeled after the classic A-frame cabin structure, this 180-square-foot tiny dwelling from trans-Atlantic architectural firm BIG adds a flair of modernity with full-length windows and steeply angled roof, which creates more floor area and a peak height of 13 feet. The 100 percent recyclable structure is the first of its kind built in upstate New York, with cork walls, Douglas fir floorboards, Nordic furniture, and wood-burning fireplace.

Central Washington Spacecraft
Courtesy of zillow.com


This 250-square-foot tiny house for rent looks like lunar lander along the banks of central Washington's Columbia River. Sailboat builder Kurt Hughes succeeded in building his family a structure you couldn't grasp from the outside, complete with steel legs and solar-lighted steps on the outside; and a geodesic overhead dome, upstairs deck, depressed sleeping area, and separate modules for a bathroom, dining nook, and galley on the inside.

JR's Hut
Courtesy of kimoestate.com


Located on a popular estate for weddings in New South Wales, this Australian tiny home is purposely remote from other dwellings to create a sense of off-the-grid solitude amidst the area's rolling hills. The open floorplan puts the bedroom, living area and fireplace all in one space, while the glazed front wall and sustainable Australian hardwood deck makes it easy to enjoy the scenery at all times. Renting the eco-hut starts at $350 a night.

Steamer Trunk Expandable House
Courtesy of productionartanddesign.com


Couple Chloe Barcelous and Brandon Batchelder built their tiny home from scratch for just $20,000, utilizing a creative design most resembling an old-fashioned steamer trunk — the kind Harry Potter and his friends might take through Platform 9¾. The interior is a hodgepodge of repurposed finds with a kitchen, bedroom, and two separate workspaces, but by far the home's most unique feature is how it can expand.

Courtesy of ecocapsule.sk


The Ecocapsule is 88-square-feet of totally self-sufficient living space, collecting rainwater and harnessing wind and solar power so well it can even be used to charge an electric vehicle. Made from a fiberglass shell and aluminum framework by a company in the Slovak Republic, these space-age micro-homes have heated floors and full online compatibility, and are currently available for preorder at a price point of approximately $91,000.

Disappear Retreat
Courtesy of coulson.co


The innovative builders at Coulson created this 83-square-foot home to blend in with its surroundings just as its sustainable fixtures blend in with the environment's natural cycles. The Disappear Retreat's glass walls reflect its surroundings while a transparent ultraviolet color deters animals from bumping into them, and it's made to withstand extreme cold temperatures using only a 100-watt heating load generated through a thin-film solar cell on one wall. Models are expected to be available for purchase in 2019.

Treehouse Cabin
Courtesy of airbnb.ca


Canadian design blogger Lynne Knowlton built this photogenic, 312-square-foot elevated treehouse structure located about two hours northwest of Toronto, which she rents out along with a small cabin and retreat property for rates starting at $595 per night. The treehouse is by far the highlight, however, as it comes with one queen and one sofa bed as well as a wood-burning fireplace, sitting above a covered outdoor dining area with a barbecue, hammock pod chairs, and seating for six.

Courtesy of tinyhouselistings.com


Built by Oliver Nest Tiny Homes, the Elsa is one for anyone who'd like to downsize without giving up their garden. The 323-square-foot main house has a bedroom loft and full kitchen and living area with pullout couch to accommodate guests, while an adjoining 85-square-foot trailer consists of a covered mini greenhouse to complement the wooden deck and porch swing. The model was previously listed and sold for $81,000.

The Pequod
Courtesy of rockymountaintinyhouses.com


Named after Ahab's ship in "Moby Dick," the Pequod is a beachy 208-square-foot mobile home made to order by Greg Parham of Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes for an Indiana family of four. It has an aquatic look from the outside with wavy roof, brown shingles and blue bottom, while inside feels spacious thanks to smart design choices like modified tall ceilings, pull-out pantry, fold-out dining table, and a kitchen sink cover to create more room for dinner prep.

The Fox House
Courtesy of airbnb.com


Emily and Sloane Southard spent almost a year constructing this tiny house in their backyard in Nashville, using old windows raided from their restoration business to inspire the design. The resulting Fox House fits a living room, office area, bedroom, and dozens of bright vintage knick-knacks into just 100 square feet.

Tiny Adventure Home
Courtesy of tinyheirloom.com


Breck and Kelsey from Mississippi wanted to downsize without sacrificing their rock-climbing obsession and other hobbies, so they contracted Tiny Heirloom to complete this 28-foot-long trailered home with a rock-climbing wall as its exterior façade. The home itself has a garage opening to the outside, plus bright glazed windows, wood trim, Edison bulbs, archways, and many other luxurious design features.