$7,000 cheeseboard from tiktok

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An extravagant cheeseboard created by Emmy Rener, who owns a business known as @sophisticatedspreads, has taken TikTok by storm — stirring both amazement and skepticism among viewers. 

The $7,000 cheeseboard, which has raised eyebrows due to its insane price tag, has attracted over five million views and counting. Initially, many questioned the justification for dishing out so much money for deli meats and cheeses — with some comparing it to their own, much more modestly priced charcuterie boards, while others, well, cried in poverty (honestly, same). 

Comments ranged from genuine confusion, "I’m frankly confused because I had a 30-foot grazing board at my wedding and it was less than $3k," to sheer bewilderment, "The math is not mathing." 

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In response to the uproar, Rener, who is known as the "cheese boss" according to her TikTok page, made a follow-up video to clarify the pricing. 

She explained that the cheeseboard, which spanned an impressive 25 feet, was the sole food offering at an engagement party for 150 guests. The board also featured unique elements like a "hand-woven garland" created by a florist as well as artisanal cheeses and select cuts of meat — both of which incurred additional charges. 

A significant factor in the cost was also due to logistics, as the event took place in Napa Valley, while Rener's business is based in Los Angeles, she explained. The long-distance travel required her to bring a team and stay overnight, adding to the expense​.

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Rener also clapped back at those who thought she was overcharging. “I’m making it clear to the other business owners who don’t know their worth: You can charge whatever you want! And if people are booking it and your clients are happy, then you’re doing it right,” she said in the video. 

Following her explanation, public perception shifted somewhat, with some users acknowledging the hefty price tag considering the scale and details of the event. Some commenters even suggested that given the involved costs — including travel and bespoke elements — the price could have been even higher. (Clearly, we are in different tax brackets compared to Rener's clients, but we love to see it).

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The Bottom Line

In true Cheapism fashion, we wouldn't just leave you high and dry (and hungry). If you're a fan of cheeseboards and don't have $7,000 laying around, check out our guide to learn how to make an incredible charcuterie board with all the fixings — without breaking the bank. 

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