5 Name-Brand Items That People Will Always Buy

Name Brands That Inspire Customer Loyalty

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Name Brands That Inspire Customer Loyalty
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Name Brands That Last

A wise person once said, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." They were certainly onto something with that wisdom-soaked sentiment, and it's never rung more true. In this day and age, companies near and far compete with each other to churn out as many products as possible in order to gain the biggest market share. Meanwhile, consumers often don't slow down enough to genuinely consider the quality of the products that they're purchasing, either because they don't have time to or because other options are just too expensive.

Considering all that, the name-brand items that have stood the test of time most definitely deserve their followers. Recently, Redditors weighed in on the name-brand items that they'll always buy. 

Water running from a black rain shower head

1. Moen

We'll kick things off with Moen. Apparently, this faucet and fixture company is absolutely crushing the game when it comes to quality control. And, in particular, the quality control that it's running on shower heads. Redditor u/chefmegzy writes, "As an employee of Moen, I have to say we do a pretty good job with customer service and with quality control to begin with. I got a new showerhead from here, and it's changed my mornings!"

Worcestershire Sauce in a Bowl
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2. Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce

If you know, you know. Like, is there really any other decent option out there? Apparently, the process that goes into creating the highly sought after Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce is quite complex as well. It's also one of those ingredients that confident chefs use all the time.

Carton of Cheez-It Crackers

3. Cheez-Its

Oh boy, this one might stir the pot. On the other hand, is there anyone else in the cheesy cracker game that has been doing it like Cheez-Its has for as long as they have? If you know, please do share. 

Chocolate cookies and cream isolated on white
Sponge and dish soap

5. Dawn Dish Soap

Nobody wants to spend a ton of time cleaning and degreasing dirty dishes. But — alas, life — they have to. That's where Dawn dish soap apparently has plenty of folks singing its praises. Notes one Redditor: "Dawn powerwash is [redacted] incredible! It could take dirt off a [redacted] mountain!"

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