10 Cheap Ways to Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive


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The right accessory here and quality fabric there can make a bargain hunter look like a regular Fifth Avenue customer. Here are 10 budget-friendly tips for achieving high-end style, none of which require shopping at a luxury store.Related:Try Fashion Week's top 10 looks for less than $2510 easy DIY fashion accessories

Watches may be obsolete for telling time, but they still make a quick outfit upgrade. A simple, sleek wristwatch -- without gems or gaudy designs -- takes a dressed-down outfit from basic to polished in an instant. Oversize and menswear-inspired watches are trending right now.

Professional stylists promote a structured bag as the quickest way to add luxe to a cheap ensemble. Large or small, a structured tote lends elegance and professionalism all at once. The architecture can make even a low-end version appear more expensive than a slouchy bag.

Maxi dresses have been a summer staple for the past few years. Although ideal for warmer weather, they can look frumpy. Instead, opt for a structured, fitted frock such as the so-called "weatherwoman dress" that went viral a few months back. Starting at $23 on Amazon, it's a polished, crisp look fit for work.

Jet-black sunglasses can do to an outfit what they did for Jackie Kennedy: add glamour, class, and poise. Whether they're oversize aviators or sleek wayfarers, matte black sunglasses instantly add luxe to any wardrobe. Follow the former First Lady's lead and avoid black shades with shiny trim or embellishments.

Unlike ballet flats, loafers tend to retain their original shape and don't appear to have been run over after weeks of wear. The structured and low-maintenance design of a loafer streamlines a simple outfit and kicks it up a notch. Open-back loafers are coming on strong and just as chic.

This tip immediately transforms an everyday blouse into an expensive-looking one. Simply tuck in a plain T-shirt, blouse, or sweater for the kind of polished look gracing fashion magazine ads. Celebrities often strut this style and it's a common sight at events for the fashion-forward.

Ever hear of the off-duty model look? This ensemble calls for a pair of neatly tucked and cuffed jeans, which gives otherwise baggy denim a tailored profile. Check tutorials on cuffing and tucking.

Knits tend to pill, fade, and shrink, and often are unflattering to the body. Stick with fabrics that don't show wear and hold up to cleaning. Opt for structured blazers rather than knit sweaters.

Sharp lines and neutral versatility make a solid blue or black blazer timeless. This wardrobe investment instantly elevates slacks, dresses, and skirts to a higher level. Blazers are here to stay, so keep one on hand to upscale an outfit that seems a bit dull.

Always follow the maxim that "less is more" when aiming for a high-end look. Keep it simple and leave prints, faux leather, and massive amounts of jewelry to fashionistas with deeper pockets. A clean white tee coupled with tucked jeans exudes more chic than you might imagine.

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