From Bologna to a Dead Mouse, Redditors Share Their Worst Mother's Day Gifts

Vacuum Gift


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Shot of an unrecognizable woman holding a bucket of cleaning detergent before mopping her floors at home
Plunging Toilet

Toilet Plunger

A woman shared how her husband got his mother a toilet plunger as a gift one year. Redditors surmised it was the spouse's sneaky way of making sure gift giving became his partner's domain going forward.

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Pilea Peperomioides plant make a packaging

Half-Dead Plant

One mom was presented with a partially-dead clearance section plant from Home Depot. She assumes her family was at the store for other reasons, then realized it was Mother's Day and grabbed the first plant they saw. 


Vanilla Candle

This would be a nice gift ... if you liked candles and vanilla. Both of which this mom says she abhorrently dislikes (and her family knows it!).

Plain Bologna Sandwich


A Redditor was presented with a package of bologna from the drugstore for Mother's Day. Yes, sandwich meat. We have no words. 

set of beautiful bath bombs. Aromatic bath salts in the form of a ball.

Bath Bombs

Again, a nice gift — except this mom doesn't take baths. The icing on the cake was spending the entire day at her in-laws' house.

Woman Prepared to Clean House


This Redditor's own mother got her a broom for Mother's Day. "Like we live in some little house on the prairie time warp," she added. 

Asian young woman worried and pointing finger towards her aging and old forehead - with copy space - treatment skin care concept.

Gift Card for Botox

A daughter shares how her mother was complaining a bit about her wrinkles in passing conversation. Her father took the comment a little too seriously and presented her with a gift card for Botox on Mother's Day — which she didn't particularly want. Hey, at least he tried. 

Grey rat near wooden wall on floor. Pest control
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Jar Full of Bugs and a Dead Mouse

A gift of a dead mouse and bugs would give us nightmares for years, but this mom pretended to like her kids' gift, and spent her special day giving the deceased creatures a proper burial.