Which Fast Food Chain Should Go Out of Business? These Redditors Have Thoughts

Sign of Burger King in Liverpool


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Fast Food Failures

In a trending thread, thousands of Redditors debated a quintessentially American question: What fast food chains need to go? It might seem hard to answer at first, but then you realize there are dozens of middling drive-thrus that you’ve never been to (or even heard of). We’ve compiled Redditors’ most popular and interesting answers here, but don’t be afraid to share your hot takes in the comments section.

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Long John Silver's seafood resaurant

Long John Silver's

This nautically themed seafood chain has its loyalists (they love the hush puppies), but Long John Silver’s also has enough detractors that critiques of the chain received thousands of upvotes. “I'd go about once a year, regret it, and then go back again when the bad memory wore off,” one Redditor wrote.

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Subway restaurant


Fast food enthusiasts again panned the franchise model, blaming it for the fried chicken chain’s drop in quality. One Redditor claimed that his local KFC, which is “locally owned and operated,” still tastes amazing, while other franchise restaurants are “all absolutely terrible.”

Burger King
Anthony92931 / Wikimedia Commons

Burger King

If Redditors are to be trusted, things aren’t looking good for the house of the Whopper. Critical commenters described Burger King’s food as “inedible,” “disgusting,” and “nasty,” though many admitted that quality varies by location. “Going to a Burger King is like playing Russian Roulette but with food poisoning. The quality of the locations varies so much it's crazy,” one popular comment reads.

Golden Corral Buffet and Grill. Golden Corral serves many free meals to active duty and military veterans I

Golden Corral

The all-you-can-eat buffet chain has a lousy reputation on Reddit, where one user described it as a “feeding trough for people.” “The best-tasting food there is the iceberg lettuce if that's any indication how bad the food is,” another top commenter wrote.

Panera Bread
Joel Carillet / istockphoto


Redditors charged Panera with being “overpriced” and “bland,” with one commenter describing it as “hospital cafeteria food at upscale prices.” However, another Redditor stepped in to defend the chain, noting that Panera sends its leftovers to charities and food banks

Tim Hortons | Great Coffee, Decent Wi-fi

Tim Hortons

This Canadian coffee and donut chain has seen a significant drop in quality, according to multiple Redditors. A top commenter said that the food is “laughable” and that the coffee tastes like “dog water.” “I feel as though I'm the only Canadian that can't stand Tim Hortons,” they added.

Steak N Shake

Steak ‘n Shake

“It used to be good, but they died during the pandemic,” one Redditor wrote of Steak ‘n Shake’s decline, adding that the “food just tastes sad” these days. Others chimed in with personal experiences that underscored the chain’s less-than-stellar service.