7 'Worst Deals' at Trader Joe's, According to Redditors

Photo of Trader Joes at Tower Shops outdoor mall Davie Florida


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Photo of Trader Joes at Tower Shops outdoor mall Davie Florida

Bad and Bougie

While Trader Joe's caters to yuppies in expensive neighborhoods, it is among the cheapest grocery stores in the country. In 2022, for example, the Los Angeles Times found that when it came to staples like bananas, eggs, oatmeal, and milk, Trader Joe’s was the cheapest grocery store in the otherwise pricey LA area. But not everything is a great deal at Trader Joe’s, as Redditors recently pointed out in a popular thread. If you’re on a tight budget — and don’t mind shopping at multiple stores — avoid the seven “worst deals” at Trader Joe’s.

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With shoppers describing Trader Joe’s meat as “kinda pricey” and “really expensive,” savvy carnivores say that they buy their chuck and chicken elsewhere. “Some of the marinated meat products (pesto chicken or marinated steak) seem waaaay too high,” one Redditor writes.

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Trader Joe's brioche buns
Trader Joe's

Baked Goods

It doesn’t matter that a loaf of Trader Joe’s bread is tasty and cheap if it “molds on the drive home,” as one Redditor writes. Long story short: Don’t buy Trader Joe’s baked goods unless you plan on freezing them (or eating them right away).

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Trader Joe's Spinach and Spring Mix Blend
Trader Joe's


Trader Joe’s produce suffers from the same problem. You might pick up a fresh-looking bag of spring mix, only to find that it’s all wilted and slimy the next day. Prices, some Redditors say, are also fairly high, though they’re likely regionally dependent.

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spindrift seltzers
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Trader Joe's Naan
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International Foods

Trader Joe’s has a (not-so-great) reputation for selling international foods and ingredients — pho, gochujang, harissa, the list goes on — but one top comment argues that you’ll find better prices at local international stores like Asian markets.

Trader Joe's Organic Sugar

White Sugar

Although Trader Joe’s offers a few baking essentials, one Redditor says that white sugar is “cheaper literally everywhere else!” So the next time you’re baking (and able to plan ahead), pick up your sugar in bulk at somewhere like Costco or Sam’s Club.

Trader Joe's Milk


If you’ve ever taken a sip of sour milk, you’ll do everything in your power to avoid tasting that putrid, gag-worthy flavor. And that might mean skipping dairy at Trader Joe’s. “Every time I have purchased milk, cream, or whipping cream at Trader Joe's, it has been bad almost as soon as I bought it,” a Redditor shares.