This is Why Tokyo is the Best Pizza Town

Two Images of Pizza From Pizzerias in Tokyo

Cheapism / Jason H./Yelp / Peppe Napoli Sta' ca"

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Two Images of Pizza From Pizzerias in Tokyo
Cheapism / Jason H./Yelp / Peppe Napoli Sta' ca"

Better Than Italy

Would you believe me if I told you that the best pizza I’ve ever had was in Tokyo? Yes —I’ve been to Italy before. Yep — I’ve even eaten my way through the best dollar slices and wood-fired pizzerias in New York City. I would still stand by my choice to call Tokyo the best pizza city in the world.

It isn’t just me. It’s pretty well-known within foodie communities in and around Asia that Japan, and specifically Tokyo, makes some of the best pizza in the world. There were more than a dozen Japanese pizzerias named in the 50 Top Pizza Asia-Pacific ranking, and nine of which are located in Tokyo.

The new wave of Japanese pizza began back in the mid-2010s and has continued through to the present day. Pizza-obsessed chefs have focused on the basics to put out minimal menus with, scientifically speaking, the best-made pizza anywhere.

Here are some of the best pizzerias in the capital of Japan that prove why Tokyo is the best pizza city.

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Pizza Into Oven, Savoy, Tokyo
Savoy International


Savoy was one of the first pizzerias to stoke the wood-fired pizza trend in Tokyo. While the famous Roppongi location is no longer open due to construction, you’ll find Savoy Tomato & Cheese is just as tasty as the original. Chef Kaneko-san is truly a pizza master and even the simple margherita or marinara pizza will leave you wanting more.

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Two Pizzas on Table, Seirinkan, Tokyo
Victoria G./Yelp


Seirinkan is another pizzeria credited with starting the new wave of Japanese pies. One of the first Neapolitan-style pizza restaurants in the city, Seirinkan has been serving pizza to locals and travelers for over two decades. The menu here is also limited to margherita or marinara, but it’s all you need if you’re looking for a perfectly executed pie.

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Closeup of Pizza, Pizza Studio Tamaki, Tokyo
Pizza Studio Tamaki

Pizza Studio Tamaki

Tsubasa Tamaki, chef and owner of Pizza Studio Tamaki, trained at Seirinkan for years. His pizza is another excellent example of perfect Japanese pizza. There are multiple locations of Pizza Studio Tamaki (also known as PST) and there's plan for an opening in the Philippines soon. Despite the restuarant's expansion, it’s still considered one of the best pies in Japan.

Seasonal Pizza on Plate on Table, The Pizza Bar on 38th, Tokyo
Mandarin Oriental Hotel

The Pizza Bar on 38th

The Pizza Bar on 38th might be the most bonkers pizza experience you’ll have. Located on the 38th floor of the Mandarin Oriental, this omakase-style pizzeria offers a larger menu than some of the other pizza joints on the list. However, it’s up to the chef to decide which pizzas to cook and what to serve. You’ll receive an assortment of incredibly crafted slices on your plate — but you don’t get to pick and choose. Also, take note that The Pizza Bar on 38th only has 8 seats per service so you’ll want to book far in advance.

Side of Hot Pizza on Slate, RistoPizza, Tokyo
Peppe Napoli Sta' ca"
Pizza Going Into the Oven, Pizzeria da Peppe Napoli Sta' ca", Tokyo
Peppe Napoli Sta' ca"

Pizzeria da Peppe Napoli Sta' Ca"

Pizzeria da Peppe Napoli Sta' Ca" is the parent restaurant to RistoPizza and ranked #26 in the 50 Top Pizza Asia-Pacific ranking. The famed Roppongi restaurant only has room for about 20-30 people at a time, giving it a distinctly intimate feel. It’s worth noting that this restaurant is owned and operated by Naples native turned Tokyoite, Peppe Erricchiello.

Three Deep Dish Pizzas on Table, Devil Craft, Tokyo
Tomoko M./Yelp

Devil Craft

You really can get anything in Tokyo — and that includes Chicago-style pizza! Devil Craft is famous in Tokyo for its deep-dish pizza that actually looks and tastes just like the pies you’ll find in Illinois. Devil Craft also serves really great local craft beer that pairs perfectly with the oozy, cheesy pies.

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Pizza on Plate With a Glass of White Wine, Pizza Strada, Tokyo
Jason H./Yelp

Pizza Strada

Pizza Strada is another great spot to get Japanese neo-Neopolitan pizza. The cozy dining space is no-frills and welcoming while the pizza is just as good as the more senior pizzerias in the city. Strada also has a larger menu if you’re hoping to find something outside of the box, like wagyu pizza.

Closeup of Pizza, Massimottavio, Tokyo


Massimottavio is another Tokyo pizzeria that ranked in the 50 Top Pizza Asia-Pacific list. The Eifukucho restaurant is helmed by Chef Massimottavio, who was born and raised in Naples and knows a thing or two about how to make a perfectly chewy wood-fired pizza. It’s worth noting that Massimottavio is relatively big compared to most of the restaurants on the list — so if you have a group dinner or you’re looking for a last-minute table, you should be in luck.

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Pizza Going Into Oven, Pizzeria e Braceria L'Insieme, Tokyo

Pizzeria e Braceria L'Insieme

Pizzeria e Braceria L'Insieme is a Michelin-recommended pizzeria that also happens to rank on the 50 Top Pizza Asia-Pacific list. The unpretentious space really does feel like you’re stepping into a pizza joint in Naples, and the traditional pies will add to the feeling of being whisked away to Italy.

White Pizza on a Table, La Tripletta, Tokyo

La Tripletta

La Tripletta stands out for its large pizza menu (there are more than thirty options on the menu — which is huge for Tokyo!) and expertly crafted Neopolitan-style pizza. The restaurant is always busy; so expect a bit of a wait if you show up during lunch or dinner times. It’s worth it for the cheesy pizza bianca though, trust us!

Pizza on Marble Table, Pizzeria e Trattoria da Isa, Tokyo
Umaimono D./Yelp

Pizzeria e Trattoria da ISA

Pizzeria e Trattoria da ISA ranked #35 on the 50 Top Pizza Asia-Pacific list. The Nakameguro pizza restaurant almost always has a line outside the door and has since it first opened its doors over a decade ago in 2010. The sourdough crust is pure perfection while the dining space is chaotic and overstuffed — it’ll definitely evoke tender feelings of pizza in Naples, in the best way possible.

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