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Portable bluetooth speakers often have a completely mysterious shelf life, so at this point, you might be sick of rolling the dice. How long will its batteries last? How’s the sound quality? A recent Reddit thread saw one user looking for recommendations on the best speakers with bluetooth connectivity, and the response skewed heavily towards a beloved brand: JBL.

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JBL Bluetooth Speakers

“Had mine for 10 years,” says one Redditor of their JBL Charge, while another user says theirs is “still kicking” after five years. Another mentions that they found their JBL Flip buried in the dirt during a high school football game, and it still works today. Others go on to share how their JBL speakers have lasted for a decade or more.

Also popular among JBL’s portable speakers is the ability to “daisy chain” multiple speakers together and create a bit of surround sound. "One is good, but two connected in stereo mode is great," one user says. 

JBL's bluetooth speakers come in a range of styles starting at $40, though the Charge, a Reddit favorite, starts around $110.

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Anker, Sony, and Bose Speakers

Beyond JBL Clips, Flips, and Charges, there were quite a few recommendations for Anker Soundcore. One Redditor writes that the waterproof speaker is great for the shower, and another mentions owning theirs for 20 years. That can’t be much longer than hands-free, wireless speakers have even been around. 

User WhosThatDogMrPB, who clearly has great taste in TV, goes to bat for the Sony Extra Bass XB01, saying it's lasted for years.

As far as small speakers go, the mini Bose Soundlink is a hit with Redditors too, especially if you need something ultra portable. “Works flawlessly for last 9 years and I play it 40 hrs a week at a loud level. It’s loud, has great bass, and it’s durable," gushes one satisfied user. "Still sounds as good as the day I bought it. Still goes 2-3 days before it needs a recharge, after 9 years!”

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