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Whole Foods isn't known for being the cheapest grocery store around, so during these inflationary times, some shoppers see a trip to Whole Foods as a luxury. Still, the pull of organic Italian soda, mochi ice cream, and berry Chantilly cake is strong, leaving shoppers left to daydream about journeying to the store without fretting over prices. 

Well, as it turns out, that day might be sooner than you think: Whole Foods is hosting a contest and the winner gets a year's worth of free groceries.

@wholefoodsmarket Your recipe. Our Hot Bar. Here’s how to make it happen. #WFMHotBarStarContest ♬ original sound - Whole Foods Market

To win 365 days of free groceries, the first thing you need to do is — fittingly — head to Whole Foods and grab a 365 by Whole Foods or Whole Foods Market brand product to create a side dish. You can use as many store-brand ingredients as you want in your recipe, but at least one is required. Next, take a video of your Whole Foods-inspired recipe being sure to show the store's ingredients. Then, upload the video to TikTok, Twitter, or Instagram, using the appropriate hashtag, and be sure to follow Whole Foods' account on the social media site you post to.

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Not only will the winner of the contest receive $10,000 worth of digital Whole Foods gift cards, but the winning side dish will also be featured in the hot bar at Whole Foods stores for the holiday season. The grocery chain is also awarding three second-place winners $1,000 gift cards. 

Entries must be submitted before the Nov. 30 contest deadline to be eligible, and winners are to be notified by Dec. 20. Good luck!

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