The Best Whole Foods Christmas Dinner Buys For a Holiday Feast

Whole Foods


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Whole Foods

Kicking Christmas Up a Notch

Giving and caring and merriment are all wonderful sentiments around Christmas, but we all know the true meaning of the holiday is to impress your friends and family at dinnertime. Whole Foods feels expensive, but sometimes the prices aren't as sky-high as you'd expect, and the quality is unmatched. A Whole Foods Christmas dinner is far more achievable and affordable than you’d think, so take a look at these delicious Christmas buys from the grocery behemoth.

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whole foods bakery pastries
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whole foods wine aisle
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Price: Prices vary

Not only are there a ton of incredible wines to be found at Whole Foods, but there are quite a few affordable ones, too. You can easily grab a bottle of rosé or chianti for less than $20. It's like a cheat code for making your guests have fun.

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whole foods mediterranean bar
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Mediterranean Bar

Price: $11.99 per pound

Little nibbles throughout a Christmas dinner party are always welcome, and the Whole Foods olive game is strong. The Mediterranean bar is consistently great for small sides like peppers, marinated tomatoes, mushrooms, and more.

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whole foods dips
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Price: $6.99 and up

Stick some dips next to your Mediterranean mezze platter and things will really start to heat up. Pita chips are begging to make an appearance at this party, too.

whole foods danish butter cookies
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Danish Butter Cookies

Price: $11.69

These things are irresistible. Serve the decadent cookies alongside your dessert coffee, and give the people what they want.

whole foods marinated meats
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Marinated Meats

Price: $6 and up

Why spend a few days marinating something in advance when the store will do it for you? Options are plentiful and include hits like Italian sausage, jerk chicken, and garlic pork.

whole foods soups
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Price: $8.49 for 24 ounces

There's nothing like a starter course to really set the tone, and the Whole Foods soup selection is excellent. Choose from options like chicken noodle, New England clam chowder, butternut squash, and more.

whole foods bread
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Fresh Bread

Price: $6 for a loaf

We convinced you to do the soup course, right? Good. You need something warm and crusty to dip in there; grab a fresh loaf and slice it up.

whole foods candles
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Price: $25 and up

Food isn't the only important component of Christmas dinner. If the aroma in your kitchen isn't quite working to set the vibe the way you hoped it would, readjust it with something from the Whole Foods candle selection.

whole foods fresh seafood
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Price: Prices vary

Honey ham is pretty overplayed by this point, and you just can't shake the feeling that you want to crank your culinary experience to 11. How about some dressed oysters on the half shell to impress the socks off your guests? That's a starter course begging to be put on Instagram.

whole foods hot cocoa
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Hot Cocoa

Price: $3.69

Imagine, if you will, stepping into a Christmas party and receiving a warm mug of cocoa upon arrival. Happy holidays, baby. That's the type of host you're going to remember for years to come.

whole foods rotisserie chicken
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Rotisserie Chicken

Price: $8.49 and up

Alright, maybe you can't really pretend like this is a chicken you made yourself since your family clearly knows you're not operating a rotisserie out of the garage. Either way, they won't complain. Rotisserie chicken is heaven.

whole foods christmas dinner
Whole Foods Market

An Entire Pre-Fixe Dinner

Price: $50 and up

If you don't want to bother cooking a single thing, Whole Foods really has you covered here. You can order a full Christmas dinner for up to 12 people, which includes prime rib, ham, empanadas, and more.