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In need of a laugh today? Is your job driving you to the brink (or to drink)? Let us introduce you to Farsby, a social media darling who’s tapped into all the politics, absurdity, and frustrations of the workplace in order to create videos that might see you snorting your morning coffee out your nose. 

Here’s his schtick: He impersonates particular types of worker bees — call center, retail, office, etc. — and then amplifies the mountain of absurdity these workplace denizens have to put up with. While his videos often skewer the employer or customer, he’s not above pointing out the eccentricities or shortcomings of the worker, too. 

So, who is the man behind @Farbsy? We know that his real name is Max Farber, he's from Toronto, and — as of at least last summer — he had a day job as a social media coordinator. He’s also in a band called Doomsday, Darling!, so he seems pretty all-around busy, not to mention creative.

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As for how he ended up a TikTok favorite, he noted in a 2022 interview that it all happened without a lot of forethought. He was in a Zoom meeting when he had a light bulb moment: He’d film himself portraying a service rep who, when the customer interaction ended, dropped his contrite persona to drop some F-bombs (note: many of Farber’s videos are NSFW). 

He further noted that the entire process of filming, editing, and posting the video took just a few minutes, yet within a couple of hours, it had 200,000 views. Since then, Farber has posted over 400 videos. 

So, here’s a thought — give yourself the afternoon off, pop some popcorn, and go binge some of his videos. We’ll start you off by posting a couple of our favorites below, but you can also head to TikTok directly to see more. Or, if you’re more of an old person (guilty!), you can find him on Instagram, too. 

@farbsy Every CS job should come with a scream pillow #customerservice #workfromhome #9to5 #funny ♬ original sound - Farbsy

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