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White Castle

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Trying to decide where to take your sweetheart out for Valentine's Day dinner? Here's another restaurant to consider: White Castle.

No, that's not a mistake. White Castle is turning itself into a tongue-in-cheek fine dining establishment on the night of Feb. 14, just for couples who want to celebrate their love in the quirkiest way possible or who are on a budget and still want to do something special and fun. No judgment here.

Valentine's Day at White Castle is a tradition that goes back to 1991 when two enterprising franchisees in the Midwest decided that taking reservations on Valentine's Day would make it special and drum up business during an otherwise dreary month. It was a place to share love without pretension and that resonated with some diners. A few newspaper ads later and by 1994, the event spread to 17 locations.  

In 2003, Valentine's Day dinner became a standing celebration for the chain nationwide, and franchisees are invited to make it special however they like, which may include things like white tablecloths, red carpets, and even cello players. In 2020, 30,000 customers dined on sliders and chicken rings to celebrate Feb. 14.

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The Love Castle, as the chain likes to call itself on Valentine's Day, was on pause for the last two years because of the pandemic, but guests can once again experience a White Castle love fest in 2023. Reservations are required and fill up quickly. Go to the online White Castle locator and scroll down to find which locations near you are participating, then click on "Book your table" to make a reservation through OpenTable. 

After your romantic meal, slip into the Love Castle silk robe festooned with little cupids shooting arrows at sliders and hearts. The chain claims it'll help get things "steamy," just like those little sliders. 

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