Where to Create Business Cards on the Cheap

Did you resolve to find a job or ramp up your efforts to attract new business in the new year? You may want to brush up that elevator pitch but also be prepared with fresh business cards. If you're unemployed or things are slow, it can be difficult to stomach an extra expense, but you can get cheap business cards -- or even free business cards -- through a discount online printer.

Free Business Cards.

Sooner or later, anyone looking for cheap business cards online will stumble on Vistaprint. The site offers 250 business cards for free, charging only for shipping and processing (which typically amounts to about $6). The site does limit customers to one of 45 designs and bombards them with offers to add features or order accessories for a fee. If you can manage to click through to checkout without adding any extras, Vistaprint delivers a quality product at an unbeatable price, according to online reviews. Even custom cards come in around $20 for an order of 500.

Cheap Business Cards.

Vistaprint competitor 123Print sells cheap business cards priced at $5.95 for 100 or $24.95 for 500. The site offers a number of templates to choose from, but you can also create your own business cards by uploading a custom image or company logo. Pricing varies for add-ons such as higher quality paper. Consumers often compare the site to Vistaprint and assert the superiority of one or the other in online reviews. TopTenReviews has awarded 123Print its highest accolade on the strength of the site's selection, customer service, and straightforward design interface but rates Vistaprint right behind. With a constant stream of promos and discounts stemming from both sites, you'll need to do a little comparison shopping to find the cheapest business cards.

Creative Business Cards.

Another company, Moo, often runs an offer for a free pack of 50 business cards (normally $19.99), plus the cost of shipping, if you don't mind a small watermark on the front of the card. Alternatively, you can get a free 10-card sampler without paying for shipping. Moo lets you choose a different image for the face of each card and keep the same contact info on the back. That means artists and designers can feature up to 100 examples of their work and let prospective buyers or clients choose one that piques their interest. Reviews praise the quality, but the sample pack won't last long and the standard cost for business cards isn't exactly cheap: $150 for 600.

Some of the most memorable cards aren't business cards in the traditional sense. If you're willing to take a risk to get noticed, consider whether your product could function as a cheap business card. Some Lego employees' business cards are lookalike Lego minifigures with contact information on them. While that concept is too expensive for everyone, it can let some display their skills. Bakers have "printed" their info on pastries, for example, in the hope that recipients can resist eating a treat long enough to add a name to their contacts.

When you create cheap business cards, consider leaving some white space so the recipient can make a note about a meeting with you. Double check all the spelling and contact information to make sure it's correct before you order.

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