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When is a refund worth going out of your way to acquire? Is two bucks worth fighting over? Or is it a matter of principle rather than dollar amount? 

When a Redditor recently shared that they’d been charged $4.48 for a $2.19 purchase, they took the rest of the site’s temperature on the situation. Here’s what people had to say.

Get a Refund Only When It’s Convenient

One of the major points of agreement in the thread is that getting a refund is only worth it if you need to go back to that store anyways. “If you're not planning on going back anytime soon, it would cost more to go there,” says one user. “Gas is expensive,” agrees another.

“If you don’t have to go out of your way for a small refund, I’d do it,” says u/-fairygirl123. “If it’s less than like $5 and you’d have to drive or whatever I’d let it go.”

Always Get a Refund

There are just as many people who say that fighting for a refund is about more than just money. It’s about justice. One user claims they fought for a 35-cent refund at Panera, while another calls out fighting their bank over a matter of 10 cents.

There was a 17-cent refund at Aldi from one person. Another says they saw a woman hold up a line for 10 minutes over 50 cents. Others even went into detail quantifying just how much their time is worth, in an effort to decide if they should drive back to the store: “I say $20/hr is my price for IT and electronics work when someone asks for help, few people think twice about $20 ... but when it takes up my Saturday afternoon that $60-80 sure makes me happy (and the shops charge considerably more).”

We like the cut of their jib — fight for your money, y’all. You worked hard for it.

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