Picasso Paintings and Running for President: 8 Things the Ultra Wealthy Fantasize About

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Trading Paychecks for Picassos

While the rest of us daydream about winning the lottery to soothe our financial woes, the extravagantly wealthy are on a completely different wavelength. For the world's 1%, it's less about living paycheck to paycheck and more about how they can score another Picasso painting to add to their museum-worthy collection of art. And if they're feeling inspired, they might even ponder a presidential run — because why stop at collecting art when you could collect votes?

Here are eight things the ultra rich fantasize about, according to Redditors.

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Running for President

For the wealthy elite, a presidential campaign isn't too far-fetched. After all, when you've mastered the art of acquiring high rises, billion dollar businesses, and private islands, why not aspire to nab the highest seat in the country, too? "They all think they can skip the lower levels of government and go straight to president," writes one Redditor. 

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Spending Time With Loved Ones

One Redditor shares how they "spent a lot of time around wealthy, decent people" and said some of them might be more similar than we thought: They aspire to live well and care for their loved ones. 

"They spend a lot of time thinking about improving the lives of people around them, charity/philanthropy, their families, grandchildren, family vacations, and enjoying the latter portion of their lives," they write.

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Beefing Up Their Art Collection

Another Redditor shared how they knew someone who worked for an iconic singer and actress, and said she was "upset that her Picasso (an original) wasn't as nice as someone else's. Grass is always greener I guess." 

Another user chimed in to mention how they met the same actress at an "upper class private golf club in Palm Springs," and how she was going off on how one of her "biggest regrets" was passing up on a $70,000 Picasso painting in the '70s that's now worth well over $100 million. Oof! 

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In the game of life, the ultra rich aren't just playing for keeps. They're playing to outlive everyone else — at least according to billionaire mogul and Microsoft founder, Bill Gates. "Someone asked [Bill Gates] the question basically saying 'you have everything you could ever want, are there any goals you have for the future, and he gave a simple response like, 'Not die'," writes one Redditor. 

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Real Friends

Ironically, the ultra rich often find themselves yearning for something no amount of money can buy: Authentic friendship, Redditors say. "Yeah, the rich don't know who are their friends and who are leeches," says one user, while another notes how becoming super wealthy can often skew your perspective of other people. 

"Another guy in our friend group became a paper billionaire over the past few years, and you can easily see the change in level of empathy and consideration," writes the user, adding, "Wealth is ego manifest." Well, damn. 

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To Be Remembered and Admired

When you don't have to stress about money, you aspire to leave behind a legacy, says one Redditor. "That’s why they donate huge sums and get their names on buildings, [and why] they join nonprofit boards and host fundraisers," writes the user. "The way that some poor schmuck fantasizes about hitting the Powerball. Some rich schmuck fantasizes about being remembered as something better than a schmuck." 

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Doing Normal Things

When you never have to cook for yourself, the ultra rich sometimes catch themselves daydreaming of the simple joys of life such as manning a grill, says one user. "Remember that weird video that Mark Zuckerberg did of him grilling stuff? I imagine they fantasize about being a hardworking middle class person doing regular stuff just to get by." 

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Having More Power

Power and influence become the ultimate currency for the wealthy, and if that means "buying a U.S. senator," then so be it, says one user. "Research has shown many bribes are in the $5,000-$10,000 range," writes another Redditor, adding, "That isn't chump change to most people, but it's not an unattainable number either." According to the United Nations, an estimated $1 trillion is paid in bribes every year.