Student Loan Forgiveness, Socks, and 8 Other Things Millennials Want for Christmas This Year

Millennial opening Christmas gift

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Millennial opening Christmas gift
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Millennial Wish List

If you’re an aging Baby Boomer or a TikTok-addicted Zoomer, Millennials might be a mystery to you. Besides avocado toast, what do they even like? Well, whether you’re just curious or are shopping for one, we’ve got you covered with a long — and admittedly not so serious — Millennial Christmas wishlist.

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Financial Stability

When it comes to the economy, Millennials have had a rough time. As Annie Lowrie points out in The Atlantic, the generation has faced two one-in-a-lifetime downturns: the Great Recession followed by the pandemic. While it’s a hotly debated topic, a recent study from three prominent universities also found that wealth inequality is “much more pronounced among Millennials than it was for Boomers.” Can Millennials just get a financial break this holiday season? 

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Somebody Else To Cook Dinner

Cooking dinner for holiday gatherings can be so stressful that it doesn’t even feel worth the effort. So it makes sense that one Millennial holiday wish is to have someone else cook dinner. But this isn’t exactly Millennial-specific. Everyone could use some help this time of year, so if you normally find yourself on the sidelines, pitch in — or (even better) take over completely.

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Although prices at retailers have moderated in the past few months, many Millennials are simply wishing for a fridge full of groceries this Christmas. In fact, the basics of everyday life — groceries, healthcare, new tires, utilities, and rent — were (depressingly) common asks throughout the thread.

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A Dehydrator

If you’re tired of tongue-in-cheek answers, we have a practical suggestion: a dehydrator. “It would really stretch my food budget and keep my freezer from filling up,” a Redditor shares.

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A Grow Light

This oddly niche request received a surprising number of upvotes. Still, we don’t advocate you go out and buy an indoor light for your second cousin who has nothing to do with gardening.