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Costco members may know that they benefit from cheaper gas and discounted travel packages, but many seem to overlook Costco Next, the retailer’s direct-to-consumer shopping platform. Launched in 2017, the e-commerce store offers a discounted selection of products from Costco’s “most trusted suppliers,” including Anker, Invicta, Mikasa, and Baggallini.

For instance, when members spend $50 or more on Anker products, they receive a 20% discount. So the popular 20,100 mAh portable charging bank that costs $60 on Amazon is around $12 cheaper on Costco Next.

Other deals aren’t as straightforward or clear as a flat discount. Some merchants, like Baggalini and Bench, sell products at a range of markdowns, some of which aren’t as steep as the “regular price” would have you believe.

It’s Part of Costco’s E-Commerce Strategy

Costco Next is part of the wholesaler’s strategy to compete with online retailers like Amazon. According to CNN, Costco expanded the members-only e-commerce store in 2021. Today, you can shop 40 brands, from niche products like Mikasa dinnerware and small-batch skincare to well-known tech offerings like Philips’ Hue smart lights.

It’s Not Well Known

Costco saw more than a 50% increase in e-commerce during the pandemic in 2020, and the retailer's stock has gone up 66% since this time last year. Yet some superfans don’t know about Costo Next or its recent push to bolster the e-commerce platform.

Even Redditors who are frequent shoppers at Costco have posted asking about the platform, and there are plenty of comments from Redditors who say they’ve never heard of it before. On TikTok, however, Costco Next has been highlighted for its partnership with Most Inc., which sells popular Korean beauty products from CosRX and Neogen.

It’s Glitchy

Costco Next’s lack of popularity may be because the site’s user design is dated and frustrating, which we discovered while trying to buy an Anker charger.

First, the Costco Next website isn’t integrated with its normal online store, so members can’t log in with their normal accounts. (This is also the case with Costco’s tire website.) Instead, shoppers have to enter their member number before they can even look at Costco Next’s prices. And rather than having a unified e-commerce store with all of Costco Next’s offerings, shoppers have to click on the brand they’d like to shop before being redirected to a different website.

Second, once we logged in and were redirected to Anker’s Costco Next store, the site’s cart icon was unresponsive, and when we hit the back button, we were met with a “Not Authorized” error message.

In other words, it’s a bit of a mess. That said, if you can shop through the frustration, there are deals to be had if you’re hunting for a phone charger or Korean beauty products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Costco Next?

Costco Next is the wholesaler’s direct-to-consumer online store, where members can buy products from Costco’s “most trusted suppliers” at a discount. At time of publication, Costco Next offers deals from 40 brands. Invicta watches, Anker chargers, and Mikasa dinnerware are some of the platform’s highlights.

How does Costco Next work?

If you’re a member, go to the Costco Next website and find a brand you’re interested in. Before you can see that brand’s offerings, you’ll need to provide your name and membership number, after which you’ll be brought to the vendor’s Costco Next store.

What is Costco Next’s return policy?

Since you’re buying directly from the brand’s supplier, shipping, customer service, and returns will go through the supplier, not Costco. That means Costco’s excellent return policy won’t apply to Next purchases. 

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