Fieldcrest Cotton Percale Sheet Set


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Hearing a lot about percale sheets lately? Maybe from a friend, or even a podcast ad? We're not surprised — they’re all the rage right now. But as is the case with luxury products, they can be quite pricey, often exceeding $150 for a set. So what are they? And are they worth it? Let’s take a look.

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What Are Percale Sheets?

“Percale” is a type of weave. The percale style is a criss-cross weave that helps increase the strength of the product, generally making sheets tougher and more durable.

What Are the Benefits of Percale Sheets?

Percale sheets are usually more lightweight and breathable than other kinds of sheets. This is a major benefit for anybody who "runs hot" at night and wants to keep cool. They're also known for being sturdy and easy to take care of.

What Are Percale Sheets Made Out Of?

Because percale is a kind of weave, many different types of materials can be used to make percale sheets. Cotton is by far the most common.

Do Percale Sheets Wrinkle?

They sure do. Like a lot of lightweight sheets, they can turn into a ball in your dryer. Ironing is recommended, but … damn. Who has the time or energy for that?

What Is the Difference Between Cotton and Percale Sheets?

While cotton is the exact material that cotton sheets are made from, percale is the style in which the cotton was weaved. 

The Best Percale Sheets

RealSimple called the Lands’ End Cotton Percale Bed Sheet Set the best in one of their tests, but you’ll find tons of positive reviews splattered across Brooklinen as well. I’ve never tried Casper’s percale sheets, but if they’re anything like my Casper bed, I’ll be very happy with them. And while percale sets aren't exactly cheap, it’s worth noting that Walmart has a set for a pretty solid price.

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