Wendy's Peppermint Frosty


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Wendy's is adding a peppermint Frosty to its menu starting Nov. 15, a festive new flavor that the fast-food chain says will be available through the holidays.

From promotional photos, the peppermint Frosty appears pale pink, so we'll see if the mint flavor packs a punch or if it's more subdued. Either way, some fans are raring to try it. 

But the problem is that there's only room for two flavors in Wendy's Frosty machines, and to make room for peppermint, something's got to go. Since chocolate is the original Frosty flavor, the powers that be decided peppermint is taking the place of strawberry, which became a fast favorite when it debuted over the summer. 

If you're someone who thinks peppermint Frostys sound divine (or if you're all about the chocolate — no flavor discrimination here), you'll be able to get them for free when Wendy's starts its annual Frosty Key Tag sale Nov. 21.

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For just $2, you get a key tag that entitles you to a free junior Frosty with each purchase once a day through 2023. Plus, 85% of the proceeds of the key tags go to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

Once the new flavor starts flowing from Frosty machines, it'll be time to figure out how to bribe Wendy's employees to layer both chocolate and peppermint in the same cup for a York peppermint pattie-like treat. 

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