Wendy's French Toast


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Wendy's didn't officially roll out breakfast nationwide until 2020, long after all the other big fast-food burger chains, so it's taken a bit of time for customers to get to know the menu and figure out their favorites. But one item has quickly become the most popular breakfast order, despite being on the menu for only three months: French toast sticks. 

You'd assume that the classic meat, egg, and cheese croissants, or even the honey butter chicken biscuit would top the rankings considering how ubiquitous they are. But according to Todd Penegor, Wendy's CEO, French toast sticks are the top-selling breakfast item, so much so that they pushed breakfast sales way up since debuting in August.

Sales at U.S. Wendy's restaurants open at least 15 months rose 6.4% in the third quarter, with much of those sales coming in the morning thanks to the humble French toast stick, according to the company. Who knew the sweet side could be so powerful?

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Nostalgia is probably a big factor in the popularity of French toast sticks among older millennials and Gen Xers who grew up eating them at school, home, and other fast-food restaurants like Burger King. Now, they want to share the experience with their children, or perhaps relive it themselves. French toast sticks are also fun to dip and eat, portable, and easy to eat on the go from the drive-thru.

French toast sticks were the first addition to Wendy's breakfast menu since it launched in March 2020, and given their sales success, we can't help but wonder what other breakfast gems Wendy's might dish up.

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