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Finally, there's real proof that astrology affects your life in a concrete way: Wendy's is giving out free food because Mercury is in retrograde.

For those who don't typically follow the stars to their next fast food meal, apparently, that means Mercury will appear to be going in reverse from the Earth's perspective, and thanks to context clues from pop culture that means bad juju is on the way, particularly when it comes to communication and routines. But this time when the stars align to cause chaos in your life, Wendy's is stepping in to balance those bad vibes with all kinds of free food offers from now through May 8. 

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The Mercury Menu deals will run for a week and change every Monday. Unlike many much-hyped fast food deals, these are actually pretty good:

  • Now through April 30: Free crispy chicken sandwich with any purchase
  • May 1 through May 7: Free 6-piece crispy or spicy chicken nuggets with any purchase
  • May 8 through May 14: Free any size fries with any purchase

Sure you've got to order through the Wendy's mobile app and buy something in order to get your freebie, but that fried chicken or large fries is going to make your thirsty anyway. At least you'll be able to score some free comfort food when the stars disrupt your life this time. 

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