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If you're not a morning person, Wendy's has a breakfast deal that could actually make you want to part ways with your pillow before they switch the menu over to lunch. It's just that good. 

For only $3 — that's cheaper than a gallon of gas! — you get a breakfast sandwich and a side of potato wedges, Wendy's delicious answer to hash browns that many fans prefer to the chain's fries. The only thing missing is a drink, but if you're anything like us, you supply your own when you hit the drive-thru to save money anyway.

The sandwich that comes with the deal is egg and Swiss on a croissant bun, and as is the case with practically every breakfast sandwich ever made, you get your choice of sausage or bacon. Either one is great once you put it on a croissant, let's face it.

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If you were to buy the sandwich and seasoned potato wedges separately, you'd be paying $4.29 for the sandwich and $1.69 for the wedges at one location in the Midwest. That's $5.98, making the $3 deal price tag just under 50% off the regular menu price. 

Wendy's previously ran this same deal in the fall of last year, and like then, it's available for a number of weeks. You can get your $3 drive-thru breakfast through June 4 when you order online or in-store. Translation? For once, a fast food place doesn't require you to download its app in order to snag a deal. So set that alarm early and wake up and smell the bacon, egg, and Swiss croissant.

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