6 Weird and Surprising Things You'll Find on a Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship Surprises

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Cruise Ship Surprises
Cheapism / piola666/Ruth Peterkin/Rattankun Thongbun/istockphoto

Ship Secrets

Even if you think you're a seasoned cruiser, there are some hidden features of cruise ships you might not know about —  and some you might even stumble upon while on board. From jail cells to hidden surprises, here are some of the weirdest things you might find on a cruise ship.

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1. Jail Cells

Don't let the unlimited access to food and the carefree vibes fool you: Laws and rules still exist on cruise ships. And guess what? So do consequences. You're not going to get pulled over on the deck by a cop cruising a moped or get cuffed while your rights are being read to you near the bar. But if you're unruly on board, you'll be kept in the brig until your senses return, or until the cruise ship powers that be see fit. No refunds either. 

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2. A Morgue

From freak accidents to tragic incidents, untimely deaths occur all the time — even on cruise ships. With an estimated 200 deaths aboard cruise ships each year, it makes sense that these vessels have morgues, although it might be pretty shocking to see one. These refrigerated rooms usually only have the capacity for two to 10 bodies and are meant to preserve them until other accommodations can be arranged, usually at the next port.

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3. Hidden Pools

With some 1,000 crew members on board every vessel, there has to be reasonable room for them to relax and unwind away from the riff-raff of regular passengers. After all, the bartender should be able to go for a swim without Harry from Cabin 209 asking him to make his pour a little heavier during his next shift. For that reason, most cruise ships have hidden pools and facilities designated specifically for crew members. 

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4. No Deck 13

Roaming around a cruise ship, you might notice there's often no Deck 13. That's because of a widespread superstition that the number 13 is bad luck, and there is certainly no room for bad luck at sea. 

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6. Magnetic Walls

Need to put something on the wall for safekeeping while you're cruising? Just bring magnets and stick your stuff to the metal wall in your room. This feature also comes in handy for organizational purposes — grab some magnetic hooks to hang your purse on to save space in the cabin. 

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