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Weird and Wacky Property Listings That'll Leave You Scratching Your Head

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Creepy Louisiana Doll House

Perplexing Properties

Anyone who's ever house hunted knows there are some pretty wacky properties out there. But there's regular-grade wacky, and there's what-in-heaven's-name-is-going-on-here wacky, and the properties on this list belong to the latter. From mansions with mind-blowing architecture and smaller homes with baffling designs to listings that employ an Elvis impersonator (nope, not kidding), here are the strangest real-estate listings we could find online — including a three-bedroom fixer-upper in Louisiana that may soon haunt your dreams. 

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Creepy Louisiana Doll House

The Creepy Doll House

Metairie, Louisiana


Under $150 grand seems like a steal of a deal for just about any property in this market, but ... oh. Oh. We get it now. So did the genius who decided to insert a parade of creepy Victorian dolls into the pictures of this three-bedroom near New Orleans, which is in desperate need of some love. "Property being sold as is" reads the listing — but no word on whether that means the buyer gets the dolls, too. 

Marshfield VT topsy turvy house

The Topsy-Turvy House

Marshfield, Vermont


Ever wondered what it might be like to live in a fun house? This tilted two-bedroom tucked away on more than 8 acres in northern Vermont might be the closest it gets. Crazy angles and topsy-turvy windows abound, but the cabin-like interior is oddly cozy in its own unique way, with a wood-burning fireplace for extra warmth in the winter. There's also a tiny guest cottage on the property.

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SS Huronia Land Yacht

The Houseboat That's Not a Boat

Au Gres, Michigan


Built in 1936, the Land Yacht S.S. Huronia is a 74-foot-long, boat-shaped house that its agent says is a local icon. For three-quarters of a million dollars, you do get what appears to be a perfectly livable home — albeit one on the smaller side at 1,700 square feet. What you're really paying for here, other than an excuse to demand that everyone call you "captain": the views, of course. The home sits on the edge of a peninsula with over 160 feet of shoreline and offers panoramic views of Lake Huron and Saginaw Bay. 

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Georgia jail house

The Jail House

Greenville, Georgia


From the outside, this home southwest of Atlanta looks like your typical historic charmer. There's a a lush yard and an inviting porch, and inside, gleaming wood floors and exposed brick add to the character. But keep flipping through the pictures and you'll find something unique, indeed: An attached jail, which remains largely untouched since serving Meriwether County for 100 years. It even includes a room where inmates were hanged that is used by the current owner as an art studio.

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The Wild West House
Zillow / NWMLS

The Wild West House

Woodinville, Washington

$1.8 million

At first, this rustic home seems like an unexceptional three-bedroom, five-bathroom home, if you don't count the seven-car garage and lover's bridge. But when you step outside, you'll find an honest-to-goodness 1800s Western town made up of buildings that were originally from the town of Silvana. Never fear: there are no high-noon shootouts here. Instead, think of it as a space for wine tasting, events, an artist studio, or maybe just the world's coolest playground.

The Missile Base House Interior

The Missile Base House

Eskridge, Kansas

$1.6 million

While it's pretty unassuming-looking out there in the middle of nowhere, we're not even sure where to start when conveying the absolute insanity of this property. From the drum circle platform and the hallway filled with international news stories to the missile control silo room and the front-yard castle turret, this home for sale east of Kansas City is pretty out there. But don't take our word for it — scroll through the 86 photos in the listing to see it for yourself.  

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The Car House Texas

The Car House

Roanoke, Texas

$8 million
If you've got a few million burning a hole in your pocket as well as a burning love of all things car-related, this is the home for you. The 10-acre property includes "car lifts, a paint application booth, a tire changer, and antique memorabilia galore," as well as a two-bedroom house that is also filled with automotive-themed details like a bathroom sink fashioned around a motorcycle apparatus. The property also has a tiered pool, outdoor kitchen area, a 10-car garage, separate "entertaining house," and a glass repair center.

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The Indoors is Outdoors House

The Indoors Is Outdoors House

New Berlin, Wisconsin


With rock walls, indoor ponds, plants galore, and flora and fauna nature-inspired motifs running throughout this home, it's fair to say that anyone who doesn't love camping probably isn't going to give this property a second look. Still, with six bedrooms, six baths, and a 17-plus acre lot with hiking paths, a stocked lake, and — inexplicably — a restored Humvee included in the sale, it does have its, err, charms? 

The Blue House Palm Springs

The Blue House

Palm Springs, California


Innocuous and decidedly beige in its exterior, this house explodes into a serious dedication to anything cerulean-hued upon entering, including in carpet, furnishings, and out-there wallpaper patterns that match the home's textiles. There are also some fun details like beds that are lit from underneath (all furnishings are included with the sale), indoor palm trees, and more. 

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The Stadium-and-Train House New Jersey

The Stadium-and-Train House

Blairstown, New Jersey

We know that real estate agents often gloss over the more, err, unique aspects of a home, but to include photos of a room with a massive Giants Stadium replica and then not say anything about it in the description? So while we're not entirely sure what the backstory is here, the stadium replica appears to be in its own outbuilding, and if you're a Giants fan who also harbors a thing for trains — well, let's just say you might be crushed. Your dream home recently went off the market (but the property listing is still viewable). 

The Graceland Lite House

The Graceland Lite House

Ball Ground, Georgia

$2 million

On the one hand, this nearly 3,300-square-foot house features "lush farmland estate boasting 1,400 feet [of] Etowah River frontage, 82 acres, [and] multiple fenced pastures." On the other hand, it also boasts an Elvis impersonator who apparently insisted on posing in most of the home's listing photos. Or it's a home where the listing agent thought it was a good idea to bring an Elvis impersonator in on picture day — we're not sure but either way, it's weird. 

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The Underground House Las Vegas
Vegas INC

The Underground House

Las Vegas 

$5.9 million

If you woke up this morning thinking, "I'd like to live in Sin City but make sure I soak up as little of that desert sunshine as possible," have we got the house for you. This five-bedroom, six-bathroom property has more than 2,300 square feet of underground living space featuring fake trees, murals, grass-like carpet, an indoor pool where you won't ever get a tan, and many, many other strange details that leave you wondering what kind of a person would buy such a thing. 

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The Technicolor Casitas New Mexico

The Technicolor Casitas

Taos, New Mexico

$1.9 million
This house also looks mostly normal until you get to the last three photos, which we're guessing depict the two casitas that the listing notes are "hand-painted by Taos' own Jim Wagner." With pink floors, purple ceilings, green walls, and multi-colored muraled walls, they certainly wouldn't be for anyone who was afraid of a splash — actually, make that a deluge — of color.

The Everything is Special House

The Everything Is Special House

Belleair Beach, Florida

$3.2 million
Inside and out, this waterfront property is a feast for the eyes. From the unique architecture, blue roof, three-story glass atrium, and tiled driveway outside to the circular doors, LED lighting, fabric ceilings, and a myriad of look-at-me light fixtures on the interior, no one would ever call this home bland. If you tire of the over-the-top decor that seems to literally permeate every room, however, you can always just gaze out the windows at the calming gulf views or relax in the pool or on the rooftop deck.

The Trophy Hunter's House

The Trophy Hunter's House

Sulphur Springs, Texas

$1.25 million

A pretty house, a lovely pool, a landscaped yard, an ... OMG, how many dead animals are on those walls??? Yes, presumably the owners of this 8,600-square-foot house will be taking their massive taxidermy collection with them, but you have to wonder at the frustration of the poor real estate agent who realized that there would be no dead-eyed-mounted-thing de-staging happening with their new listing.

The Windmill House in New York

The Windmill House

Eh Village Fringe, New York

$11.5 million

If you're in the market to drop millions on a two-bedroom, one-bath, 1,300-square-foot house that was built as a windmill in 1830, you're in luck. This one, as noted by, does come with something of a pedigree: It's where Marylin Monroe and playwright Arthur Miller escaped from the press in the summer of 1957. Also, to be fair, that price does include nearly 5.5 acres of lovely countryside near the Hamptons. 

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The Flying Nun House California

The Flying Nun House

Apple Valley, California


Some houses have crazy interiors while others have exteriors that make you do a double-take. This home belongs to the second category. Often referred to as the "Flying Nun House," this nearly 3,400-square-foot home, built in 1966, is located on more than 1.5 acres and features panoramic views on the Victor Valley courtesy of its floor-to-ceiling glass walls. The two-bedroom, 2½-bath property also features a pool.

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The Chandelier House

The Chandelier House

San Clemente, California

$1.4 million

Why have one chandelier in a room when you can have so many more? We're not really sure what else there is to say or speculate on when it comes to this listing. Maybe Sia lives here? 

The Mushroom-Shaped House

The Mushroom-Shaped House

Forked River, New Jersey

The originality of the mushroom-inspired exterior of this two-bedroom, one-bath house carries through to the inside, which features an open floor plan, spiral staircase, curved walls, and an upstairs bedroom that, according to the listing agent, "will make you feel like a kid again."

The Malibu Tube House
Malibu Moss

The Malibu Tube House

Malibu, California

$13.5 million

For a cool dozen-plus mil, this home can make sure your nosier neighbors see pretty much everything you do. Constructed of steel and glass by renowned architect Ed Niles in 1992, this super-unique home has two parts — a tubular living section and a semi-circle entertaining section — connected by a sky bridge. There's also a pool and hot tub on the property and multiple decks.