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Of all the restaurants with names that sound like a baby’s first words, Wawa is probably the most beloved. You may know that Wawa’s locations are only found in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, and Washington, D.C, but did you know there was a secret menu?

There are more than a few goodies to access off the secret menu at this gas station-convenience store hybrid — here are six of them.

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wawa foodPhoto credit: Wawa

How to Order Wawa Secret Menu Items

See that Wawa goose? All you’ll need to do to get any of these orders going is click on the goose icon in the bottom left corner of Wawa’s touchscreen kiosks, and you’ll be good to go!

Birthday Cake Smoothie

Though there’s no exact ingredient list for the rainbow sprinkle-flecked treats, people have described them as tasting like vanilla cookies and whipped cream. And if a smoothie seems too healthy, there’s a birthday cake milkshake, too.

Summertime Sips

Wawa is well-known for its colorful lemonades, but there are three more options hidden in the secret menu, two of which are actual flavors, and one of which is just a color.

  • Orange lemonade

  • Violet lemonade

  • Green lemonade

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wawa quesadillaPhoto credit: Wawa

Made-to-Order Melts and Quesadillas

Customized hoagies are a huge part of the reason people go to Wawa in the first place, but the same applies to its quesadillas and Sourdough Melts, too. Stick whatever ingredients you want in there, Wawa won’t mind.

Graveyard Smash

An October-only exclusive, this isn’t so much a milkshake as it is a chocolate smoothie. A Chocolate Cookies and Cream smoothie, topped with gummy worms.

Rainbow Bagels

These are hugely social media-friendly; maybe you’ve even seen one in your Instagram feed. It’s pretty rad, I have to admit.

Reserve Coffee

Did you know there’s a step above Wawa’s standard coffee? Navigate your way to the secret menu for this Fair Trade, bolder java.

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