Tony Hawk Silver Helmet
Consumer Product Safety Commission

Walmart-Exclusive Bike Helmet Recalled Due to Head Injury Risk

Walmart customers who purchased a Tony Hawk Silver Metallic multi-purpose helmet have been warned to stop using it immediately. The Walmart-exclusive helmet is being recalled because it doesn't comply with safety standards from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The helmet, which is silver with black straps and a black buckle and has Tony Hawk's signature on the side, was sold at Walmart stores nationwide and online. In a twist of irony, the helmet was provided to customers as a replacement for a different helmet from the same manufacturer, the Sakar Dimensions Bluetooth Speaker Helmet, which itself was recalled in March. Then in June, Consumer Reports rated the Tony Hawk helmet a safety risk, urging shoppers not to buy it. The chin strap buckle, which keeps the helmet on the head, broke repeatedly during testing.

Walmart will be contacting all known customers who own the helmet to offer a refund in the form of a $40 Walmart gift card. Customers can also contact Sakar, the company that makes the helmet, to inquire about the gift card, but are advised not return the helmet to Walmart.

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