Walmart Text to Shop


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Add shopping at Walmart to the things you can now do by simply sending a text message. The world's largest retailer's latest way to shop is available to both iOS and Android users and makes shopping for household goods as easy as picking up your smartphone — just like you do to order a pizza, refill a prescription, or score coupons and discounts — and texting.

The Text to Shop feature, which is connected to shoppers' Walmart accounts, recognizes frequently purchased items, so if there's a certain granola bar you buy all the time, you can text "granola bar" using the tool, and Walmart replies with a picture of your favorite snack. (Queue the creeped-out feeling you get when targeted ads pop up on your phone.) Still, shoppers with particularly busy schedules who only need to grab a few staples might find the texting feature useful. 

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Text to Shop customers can check out either by text or by using the Walmart app and then choose to get their items by same-day pickup or delivery.

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