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Fast-food has a reputation rooted in cheap convenience, but it's not always all that affordable. The last time I hit Taco Bell on an empty stomach, I about keeled over when I heard my total, as calculations of what at-home tacos would've cost took over my thoughts. While making lunch at home is practical, it can also be daunting if you're limited on time. Still, lunch on the go shouldn't make you reevaluate and regret your life choices. One TikToker's viral video sheds light on the unsung hero of cheap takeout for lunch: the Walmart deli. 

In the viral video, TikTok user @bikelifej made his followers aware of the real MVP of a quick and cheap lunch. He headed into Walmart and followed the smell of hot, flavor-packed chicken wings right to the deli section. In the video, the TikToker grabbed an 8-piece boneless chicken wing meal with a double side of potato wedges for $5.47. If there's a fast-food restaurant selling an 8-piece with a side of fries for less than 6 bucks, we've certainly never heard of it. So, @bikelifej's suggestion to "stop giving these fast-food places your money" seems reasonable enough.

It's also worth noting that potato wedges aren't the only option for sides at the Walmart deli — there are also choices like mac and cheese and mashed potatoes. Other menu items such as popcorn shrimp, sub sandwiches, and more are also available at some locations (menu items may differ based on your local Walmart).

Another TikToker shared their own $6 Walmart deli lunch: General Tsao's boneless wings with mac and cheese and potato wedges. In their review of the meal, they rated the wings a 9/10, saying they had "nice flavor" but were a bit on the soggy side. They also said the mac and cheese wasn't too shabby and they loved the flavor of the potato wedges. 

For $6, we might have to give the Walmart deli a whirl ourselves and do our own review. 

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