35 Vintage Toys That Are Worth an Astonishing Amount of Money Today

35 Vintage Toys That Are Worth a Ton of Money Today

Cheapism; eBay

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35 Vintage Toys That Are Worth a Ton of Money Today
Cheapism; eBay

Playing With Money

When's the last time you took a look in the back of your closet? If you've got any childhood games or toys stuffed back there, you might be able to unload them for decent money. Whether it's a $50 profit on an old Lite Brite or almost 100 grand for some G.I. Joe's, there's a lot of people willing to buy stuff out there.

Take a look at these 35 vintage toys, which, if you've got some, could still be sold for a pretty penny.

Vintage Playmobil

1. Vintage Playmobil

Could be worth: $1,200

Certainly you remember this not-even-close-to-as-good version of Lego. Playmobil is still around today, but if you've got the old Victorian Mansion set, you have good things in store.

Push Cart Pete
Morphy Auctions

2. Push Cart Pete

Could be worth: $9,200

This creepy dude from the '30s is actually one of the rarest toys you can find, and one of the first products from the then-new company Fisher Price. 

Original Gameboy

3. Original Gameboy

Could be worth: $5,900

If you were jamming this bad boy in the back of your mom's station wagon, it'd be in your best interest to find out where that thing went. You might pull in six Gs.

Disney World 50th anniversary happy meal toys

4. Happy Meal Toys

Could be worth: $950

Yeah, those tiny little pieces of plastic they used to give away for free? You might be able to make almost $1,000 for 'em now. 

Vintage Teddy Ruxpin

5. Teddy Ruxpin

Could be worth: $5,000

Remember the teddy bear that kept talking to you all night while you tried to sleep? All that lost sleep might be worth it if you've still got one. 

Original Monopoly set

6. Original Monopoly

Could be worth: $80,000

You probably don't have the original original Monopoly, on a white oilcloth board. But if you do? That could be 80 grand in the bank.

Green vintage Easy Bake Oven

7. Easy-Bake Oven

Could be worth: $275

You could get a bangin' air fryer for that price.

Bop It Extreme 2

8. Bop It

Could be worth: $100

Bop It had a slew of weird spin-offs, like the Bop It Extreme 2. At least one person thinks it's worth a hundred bucks.

Vintage Raggedy Ann Doll

9. Raggedy Ann Doll

Could be worth: $5,000

I did not know you could charge that much money for a filthy, box-less toy.

Masters of the Universe Eternia playset

10. Masters of the Universe Eternia Playset

Could be worth: $2,850

Look at that big 'ol thing. I would have flipped for a set that big when I was a kid. If you've got one in good condition, you might be looking at a couple thousand bucks.

American Girl Molly Doll

11. American Girl Molly Doll

Could be worth: $3,800

Sorry, people are willing to pay for this haunted nightmare? I'd pay four grand just to make guarantee this demon doll never comes anywhere near me.

Original Furby

12. Original Furby

Could be worth: $1,000

Furbys might be valuable now, but I suspect that most of them have been destroyed by now. Once they had effectively driven their owners fully nuts, it was not uncommon to hear stories about how they had been lit on fire or smashed to death with hammers. 

I would say I'm surprised nobody ever made a horror movie about them, but somebody actually did.

ET Atari game cartridge

13. Atari Game Cartridges

Could be worth: $500

Got any old Atari carts laying around? Specifically the "E.T." one? It's worth five bills now.

Rainbow Brite dolls

14. Rainbow Brite Dolls

Could be worth: $7,000

The Hallmark-invented dolls could be worth a ton of money if you've got any from the '80s.

Mary Kate and Ashley Dolls

15. Mary Kate and Ashley Dolls

Could be worth: $300

Those tiny little billionaires turn everything they touch into money, especially their dolls if you've kept them in good condish.

Peanut Royal Blue Elephant Beanie Baby

16. Peanut Royal Blue Elephant Beanie Baby

Could be worth: $5,000

Most Beanie Babies aren't worth a damn thing these days, but if you've got this one, things might be different. Most astounding of all, this comes from a period in our country’s history where political preferences were just a cutesy little joke. That sounds nice.

Magic the Gathering beta starter deck 1993
Kingslayer Games

17. Magic the Gathering Cards

Could be worth: $42,000

It's wild what people will pay for things, or at least, it's wild what people think people will pay for things. Take this original beta starter deck of Magic the Gathering cards, priced reasonably at a mere $42,000.

Vintage PEZ Dispensers

18. PEZ Dispensers

Could be worth: $1,000

There has been an incalculable number of PEZ releases since the company's beginnings in 1927, and it's impossible to really know just which ones are valuable until you stick them on eBay and charge an insane amount

Vintage Disney Aladdin colorform

19. Old Colorforms

Could be worth: $700

Like a coloring book meets stickers, Colorforms were a fun little art project for kids. Some vintage Disney-themed ones are on eBay for a full 700 bones.

Psyduck Pokémon cards

20. Pokémon Cards

Could be worth: $175,000

I'm pretty sure these things have to be in some sort of untouched safe or vault to be worth this much money. But maybe not?

Antique vintage marbles

21. Vintage Marbles

Could be worth: $1,275

We're not here to convince you to take advantage of people, but this seems like one of the easiest ones to fake. Time to go look through all the side table drawers. 

'96 GI Joe with vehicles
Action Comics No. 1
Action Comics No. 1 by Jim, the Photographer (CC BY)

23. Action Comics No. 1

Could be worth: $2,500,000

Obviously, that's an insane price tag. This comic, which features the first appearance of Superman, is currently on sale for two and a half milly. I doubt anybody's gonna buy it for such a price, but I guess you never know.

Rare gold Tamagotchi

24. First Generation Tamagotchis

Could be worth: $3,300

You could potentially make a few thousand bucks on the little dude that used to drive you crazy, especially if you've got a rare pressing. Pretty sweet deal.

Vintage Boba Fett action figure

25. Boba Fett Action Figure

Could be worth: $5,000

Vintage, still-in-the-box "Star Wars" toys are classic moneymakers, but usually none so much as Boba Fett.

Wun-Dar toy

26. Wun-Dar Toy

Could be worth: $350

He-Man toys are big with collectors, with some people willing pay hundreds. Got a Wun-Dar toy sill in the box? He's currently being sold for $350 on Amazon.

Lionel Union Pacific Train Set

27. Lionel Union Pacific Train Set

Could be worth: $3,000

People can laugh at your train toys all they want; you'll be the one laughing your way to the bank when you sell it for $3,000.

Vintage Lite Brite

28. Lite Brite

Could be worth: $80

Look, I'm not saying you're gonna retire on this money, but chances are somebody bought you this Lite Brite, or you paid a maximum of $20. In the Cheapism playbook, we call that a profit.

Vintage My Little Pony toys

29. My Little Pony Toys

Could be worth: $6,000

You're singing the theme song right now, aren't you? Boxed, well-kept toys could be worth up to $6,000.

Garbage Pail Kids cards

30. Garbage Pail Kids Cards

Could be worth: $880

A whole box of these ugly kids could land you almost $1,000.

Lego trains
Vintage 1990 Larami Super Soaker

32. Vintage Super Soakers

Could be worth: $10,000

The only thing more fun that blasting your friend in the head with a Super Soaker? Doing it with one that you bought after making $10,000 on the sale of your last one.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (First Edition)

33. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (First Edition)

Could be worth: $15,000

I'm quite sure I have a first edition sitting on my shelf, and if this one sold for $15,000 ... be right back. Gotta go take a look at something.

German Friendship Barbie

34. First Edition Barbies

Could be worth: $4,000

With more Barbies in existence than anybody can count, it's a safe bet that no matter what kind it is, a first generation Barbie is gonna be worth something.

Where the Wild Things Are (First Edition)