These Vintage Pizza Hut Photos Make Us Want to Time Travel

Pizza Hut Vintage Interior


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Pizza Hut Vintage Interior

No One Out-Nostalgias the Hut

Pizza Hut used to be much more than a last-minute pizza delivery option. It used to be an event. It was a place to hang out after school or go with your whole family; a place to drink out of red cups, play arcade games, and sit up straight with anticipation when you heard the sizzle of a pan pizza approaching your table. And, of course, those classic hut-shaped red roofs (some of which are thankfully still around at Pizza Hut Classics).

Let's go back to that time with these vintage Pizza Hut photos.

Vintage Pizza Hut

Enjoying A Sit-Down Experience

This wasn't about the drive-thru. This wasn't about rushing home as fast as possible. You were here to sit and lounge and have a meal. 

Pizza Hut Red Cups
Pizza Hut arcade

Playing Classic Games at the Arcade

Looking to finally defeat your middle school bully? Challenge him to Ninja Turtles.

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Pizza Hut menu from 1984

The Extensive (and Inexpensive) Menu

Look at how cheap everything was! And who knew they had sandwiches? The pizza-style sandwich that comes with a pickle spear is beautifully unhinged. 

And who could forget those personal pan pizzas that could be devoured in mere minutes?

Pizza Hut Salad Bar

Unlimited Trips to the Salad Bar

Unlimited trips to the salad bar for just a dollar more? Sure, it wasn't the main attraction like pizza was, but it was still fun to load yourself up with a million little side salads. For health.

Pizza Hut employee from the 70s

The Stylish and Friendly Servers

This place had servers, not just delivery people. Joanne over here had a pretty slick outfit, not to mention a hot, fresh pizza that looks far better than anything seen in the Hut's commercials today.

Littlefoot at Pizza Hut

Pizza Parties With Costumed Characters

Costumed characters were around all the time, which was always a thrill. Even Littlefoot who you undoubtedly recognize from "The Land Before Time" was there.


Collectible Pizza Hut glassware
Tony Hawk driving the Pizza Hut truck in Gleaming the Cube

The Truck

Nobody's delivery truck was as rad as this one, immortalized in the 1989 skateboarding thriller "Gleaming the Cube." Recognize the guy driving the truck?

old pizza hut advertising

The Place to Be for Date Night

Nothing like a romantic night at Pizza Hut, eh? That's what this ad seems to be suggestion. 

Hint for all dates today: Don't take somebody to a modern day Pizza Hut.

Darth Maul pizza box from Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut in the 80s