These Vintage Items Hanging Around Your Kitchen Could Be Worth a Fortune



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Retro Riches

Few things can end up brightening your spirits like learning that an old and weathered vintage item you purchased years ago is now worth a small fortune. Time takes its toll on plenty of things in life, but every now and again it ends up giving back in unforeseen and highly fortunate ways. 

That can be especially true of oft-used kitchen items. Let's take a look at some unsuspecting pots, pans, appliances, and more that could be hanging around your kitchen and are now worth a substantial amount of money.

Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum Gatlinburg, Tennessee

1. Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper shakers are inherently a fun item to collect. They come in all kinds of ridiculous designs and shapes nowadays, but it turns out that the real treasure-worthy catches are the throwback shakers. For instance, a set of vintage owl salt and pepper shakers from the 1940s can end up going for over $1,000. You just never know.

My Pyrex & Corningware Collection
My Pyrex & Corningware Collection by Sandra Mendoza-Avila (CC BY-NC)

2. Vintage CorningWare

Of all the various vintage cooking vessels that could be hiding in plain sight within your kitchen, vintage CorningWare pieces are especially valuable. In particular, though, you want to keep your eyes peeled for the “Spice of Life” patterned pieces. Common rare model names (which are generally inscribed below the patterns) include ‘L’echalote La Marjolaine’ and ‘Le Romarin’. This ‘Spice of Life’ set is listed for sale on Etsy for over $13,000.

Victorian ice cream molds
Victorian ice cream molds by Patrick Buechner (CC BY-NC)

3. Pewter Ice Cream Molds

Not only is the actual aesthetic of a pewter ice cream mold easy on the eyes, but a small collection of pewter ice cream molds can end up fetching you over $100. If you're able to find enough of those lying around your kitchen and aren't sentimentally attached to them, you can end up walking away with quite a profit.

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coffee kettle in wood burning stove
Leila Melhado/istockphoto

4. Antique Stoves

If you’re fortunate enough to have a vintage stove that’s still operationally sound, you might be able to score a few thousand dollars. Just because you’ve been using a stove that has lived a long and fruitful life doesn’t mean that it might not have a surprising surge of cash to still give you. You can also scope out Barnstable Stove Shop if you’re in need of proper stove restoration before you go about selling yours. They even offer to sell antique stoves after the restoration process. 

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Vintage coffee grinder
Vintage coffee grinder by deadmanjones (CC BY-NC)
chocolate molds II
chocolate molds II by Christine Quirion (CC BY-NC)

6. Vintage Metal Chocolate Molds

Vintage chocolate molds are right up there as an item that is surprisingly valuable. For instance, this vintage 1940s boxing rabbits chocolate mold is going for the asking price of a cool $675. Not too shabby. 

3.5-Quart Le Creuset Sauteuse Pot
Sur La Table

7. Le Creuset Cookware

While unassuming enough, a nice set of vintage Le Creuset cookware will attract plenty of impressive bids. For instance, this minimalistic Le Creuset cookware set in lilac is listed at $1,200 on ebay.

Old Rusted Cast Iron Frying Pan

8. Cast Iron Skillet

Even a weathered cast iron skillet is probably worth more than you might think: There are rare skillets that are going for over $4,000. Start rummaging through your cupboard and see if there's a skillet you're willing to part ways with. 

Old antique Chinese wooden chest
Arra Vais/istockphoto

9. Antique Cupboards

Antique cupboards might be the sleeper hit on this list. Seriously, the price range for antique cupboards can sit anywhere between a couple thousand dollars and up to around $10,000. If you have one just taking up space somewhere around your home, it might be time to go get that humble treasure properly assessed. 

Vintage Cookie Cutters
Vintage Cookie Cutters by Leann (CC BY-NC-ND)

10. Cookie Molds

Just in case you end up finding some antique cooking molds lying around your home, you'll want to run those to the nearest antique assessor if you're willing to part ways with them. There are certain antique cookie molds that can end up selling for over $800