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Keep your desk clutter-free with this attractive, easy-to-use wireless charging stand.

I never expected to buy a wireless charger. I tend to avoid frivolous gadgets and usually hide my cell phone while I’m working at home. But after reading an “office expert’s” take on Veelink’s wireless charger and organizer, I was convinced that it was exactly what I needed to make sense of my chaotic desk. And I wasn’t wrong. Although the charging dock isn’t some revolutionary piece of tech, it tamed my workspace mess while also providing an easy-to-use charging stand that keeps me off my phone before bed.

Best Price:$24 from Mercari (pre-owned; includes a $9.50 delivery fee)

Also Cheap:$40 from Amazon

Who Should Buy This?

Remote workers who struggle to keep their home office organized will get the most out of Veelink’s charging dock, though anyone who works at a desk will appreciate its looks and functionality. Charging a phone is fast and seamless, and the organizer has just enough space for workplace essentials. That said, this is still a quality-of-life purchase rather than a must-buy.

Veelink Bamboo Wireless Charger With OrganizerPhoto credit: Cheapism / Maxwell Shukuya

What We Liked

Veelink managed to produce a functional, well-priced charging dock without sacrificing looks. That’s apparent in the product’s attractive, sturdy construction, which complements most office décor. The charging stand is good, too. It comes with top-of-the-line charging tech, including a 10-watt fast charger that’s compatible with all Qi-enabled devices (generations as early as iPhone 8 and Samsung S6). And while the organizing compartment is small — just enough for a handful of pens — it should be enough for most modern setups. Plus, Veelink offers a larger model for just $6 more.

What We Didn’t Like

I don’t have many complaints about Veelink’s charger. But if the company wanted to make a good product perfect, it could make two changes. First, Veelink could add a small wireless charger for earbuds, a common competitor feature. And second, the company could include a USB adapter plug (you have to provide your own) alongside the USB-C cable. Even if these additions led to a $5 to $10 price increase, a more complete package would be worth the cost. But again, these are nice-to-haves, not deal breakers.

What Consumers Think

Nearly three-quarters of reviewers on Amazon gave the product five out of five stars, with consumers commending it for its sturdy, sustainable, and sleek design. (Most of the reviews are genuine, according to Fakespot). The critical feedback that Veelink does receive is limited and minor. For example, some consumers complain that the product’s base slides around because it’s too slick. And those that give the product the worst reviews, one to two stars, seem to have received faulty models, though this appears to be rare.

Veelink Product PhotoPhoto credit: Amazon

TLDR: Pros and Cons


  • Looks great

  • Sturdy and well-made

  • Works with cases less than 5 millimeters thick

  • 10-watt Qi-compatible fast charging (charges an iPhone X in around 3 hours)

  • Overcurrent and overwattage protection

  • Keeps desk free of clutter

  • Bamboo construction is eco-friendly


  • USB adapter not included

  • Not the cheapest option

  • Can’t charge AirPods or other accessories

  • Base slides around smooth surfaces

Evaluating the Competition

The problem with other charger-organizer combos isn’t necessarily that they’re more expensive or prone to breaking. The issue is that most of them are made of ugly, cheap-looking materials. Case in point: the PowEver has excellent reviews, offers far more storage space, and includes a wireless fast charger. But its white stitching and pleather exterior? Hideous. If you don’t mind what your charging docks look like (or admire other designs), then it might be worth considering other products. But for me, Veelink’s attractive, minimalist design remains unmatched.

What To Look For

If you're shopping for a wireless charging dock, there's really only one non-negotiable: it should be Qi-compatible. Qi (pronounced "chee") has become the industry standard, as the inductive charging technology is more advanced, widely used, and energy efficient than competing methods. Beyond that, you should ideally buy a model that can transfer at least 10 watts of power, which ensures that your phone will charge as fast as possible. Aesthetic and ergonomic considerations are up to personal preference, though we recommend that consumers choose a dock that aligns with their style and needs.

Veelink Product Photo With PhonePhoto credit: Amazon

The Bottom Line

This charger’s greatest asset is that it's a simple product that works well. Sure, it’s not the cheapest fast-charging stand online, nor does it offer the most storage. But it makes up for its shortcomings with its premium build and design. Purchasing one won’t change your life; it will organize your desk and make an attractive, functional stand for your phone. If you’ve got $40 to spare and want to add a little flare to your home office setup, you shouldn’t hesitate to order one.

Our Process

Before buying Veelink’s bamboo wireless charger, I did extensive research, consulting publications like Wirecutter and Techaeris. Since the consensus was positive, I purchased the charger on Amazon with my own money and have used it every day for the past three months.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does wireless charging work?

Wireless chargers run a current through a transmitter coil, creating a magnetic field. If you bring a second coil close to this transmitter, the magnetic field that the transmitter creates generates (or induces) a current in the receiver coil embedded in your phone, earbuds, or other compatible devices.

Which smartphones are compatible with Veelink’s charger?

According to Veelink, its bamboo wireless charger is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices, including but not limited to the iPhone 14, iPhone 13, Samsung Galaxy S23, Samsung Galaxy S22, Google Pixel 7, and Google Pixel 6. That said, Veelink’s base might not be the fastest wireless charger for your phone.

Will the charger work with a case?

Yes, you do not have to remove the case to charge, as long as it is less than 5 millimeters thick. On the other hand, metal cases and PopSockets will interfere with the device’s charging.

Which cable and USB adapter plug do you need?

Veelink includes a USB-C cable, which plugs into the back of the charger. You will need to provide your own USB adapter plug, however.

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