Valentine's Gifts at Walmart

Best Valentine's Day Gifts from Walmart

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Valentine's Gifts at Walmart

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Long list of loved ones but short on funds, time, or both? Walmart to the rescue. We've spent some quality time on the nationwide retail giant's website to compile suggestions for nearly everyone on your Valentine's Day shopping list — from the spouse and kids to best friends, relatives, neighbors, teachers, and more. They aren't Walmart's most expensive items, but they'll certainly liven up Valentine's Day. 

Prices and availability are subject to change.

Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker
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mr. coffee espresso and cappuccino maker

Price: $69 | Buy it
For a leisurely brunch — or just to reward your favorite caffeine addict — check out the Mr. Coffee 2 Shot Pump Espresso & Cappuccino Maker. You'll never have to head out into the cold for that designer java again.

Amari Women's Velvet Wrap Robe
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amari women's velvet wrap robe

Price: $15 | Buy it
Lounging about on Valentine's Day is many a lady's dream. Encourage that spirit with this luxurious choice graced with a repeated heart pattern.

Hanes Men's Micro Touch Robe
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hanes men's micro touch robe

Price: $20 | Buy it
It's not only the ladies who like to lounge ... encourage your favorite guy to take it easy on Valentine's Day — or any day — with this cozy, soft-touch design.

Libby Signature Greenwich Champagne Flute Glasses
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libby signature greenwich champagne flute glasses

Price: $27 | Buy it
A toast to love — who wouldn't drink to that? Packaged in a convenient set of four, the glasses are also noted for a design featuring a "slender bowl and narrow rim," ideal for sparkling sips such as one of our $20 and under picks.

Electric Wine Aerator Decanter
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electric wine aerator decanter

Price: $41 | Buy it
This is a gift any oenophile on your list shouldn't be without — a simple, one-button electric wine aerator decanter and pourer said to "aerate and oxidize with one button to soften tannins and enrich your wine for luxurious taste." While you're at, you may want to grab a bottle or two of Walmart's well-priced Winemakers Selection wines, which we recently reviewed

Large Cheese/Charcuterie Board
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large cheese/charcuterie board

Price: $24 | Buy it
The gourmet or expert entertainer on your list can incorporate this thoughtful — and stylish — gift into their future parties. It's a bamboo serving creation ideal for cheese, fruits, meets and crackers, from Royal Craft Wood.

'Love Actually'
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'love actually'

Price: $7.49 | Buy it
Sure, the British cult classic is set during the Christmas season — but love has no season, right? Settle in and go old-school with the 10th anniversary edition DVD of this something-for-everyone movie that explores young love, old love, obsessive love, adulterous love, platonic love ... it's certainly not boring, mate.

Greenco Heart Shaped Hand Carved Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp
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greenco heart shaped hand carved natural himalayan salt lamp

Price: $24 | Buy it
It's a loving gesture to give someone a gift that promotes wellness — and GreenCo's heart-shaped Himalayan salt lamp is designed to do just that: "Once lit the lamp will emit a calming Amber color. Heating the salt with the included 25-watt bulb releases negative ions into the air, creating an effect similar to an ionizer, purifying the surrounding air."

Custom Party Shop Boy's Valentine's Day Vintage Baseball Tee
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custom party shop boy's valentine's day vintage baseball tee

Price: $21 | Buy it
Your little boy already makes adults swoon with his cuteness. Up the ante with this shirt with its charming slogan: "The Man of Your Dreams." Older fellas will get the joke, too, which is great as it comes in sizes from toddler through XL Youth.

Awkward Styles Love T-Shirt
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awkward styles love t-shirt

Price: $10 to $13 | Buy it
What more can you say than this shirt does? Love is all you need — and one lucky lady can wear this casual shirt that comes in six colors, including a hot pink and a bold red.

Awkward Styles Tacos Are My Valentine T-Shirt
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awkward styles tacos are my valentine t-shirt

Price: $10 to $15 | Buy it
Give your brother burned by love — or any fella taking a breather from all the romance this year — this funny, food-themed tee. You know he's gonna wear it.

Valentine's Day Hanging Heart
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valentine's day hanging heart

Price: $3.49 | Buy it
Sometimes it's the simplest things that end up meaning the most. Can't you see a design-savvy guy hanging this 3D metal sculpture in his home office, a reminder that someone loves him — and recognizes his love of funky design.

Lodge Hibachi Style Charcoal Grill
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lodge hibachi style charcoal grill

Price: $86 | Buy it
Indulge your husband's love of grilling with this retro-inspired (cast-iron design, charcoal-fueled) outdoor accessory that may just find him making you your beloved s'mores on Valentine's night.

Personalized Always Kiss Me Goodnight Pillowcases
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personalized always kiss me goodnight pillowcases

Price: $20 | Buy them
Oh, how romantic would it be to snuggle into a bed featuring his-and-her pillowcases — not just any his or her but you and your sweetie's names on them? This customized set of two fits standard size pillows.

Personalized Live Love Laugh Photo Canvas
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personalized live love laugh photo canvas

Price: $19 to $23 | Buy it
Take your favorite photos and turn them into a tribute to your love of someone special, your family or even your group of friends. Personalize with up to four photos plus a one- to four-line message completing this canvas stretched over a solid wood frame (11- or 16-inch square).

Better Homes and Gardens Silk Heart Picture Frame
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better homes and gardens silk heart picture frame

Price: $11 | Buy it
Perhaps it's just one photograph that you want to frame — in a special way to present to someone special. This country-inspired frame, designed for tabletop display, is crafted from rustic wood planks and holds a 4x6-inch photo.

Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket With Heart and Polka Dot Pattern
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sherpa fleece throw blanket with heart and polka dot pattern

Price: $25 | Buy it
Staying in for a romantic movie night? If there's a chill in the air, you may find yourself sharing this lightweight (and hypoallergenic) plush blanket from Lavish Home, a generous 60x70-inch stretch emblazoned with cute hearts to boot.

Reversible Sequin Sparkle Throw Blanket
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reversible sequin sparkle throw blanket

Price: $16 | Buy it
Perhaps it's more about setting the mood — and if that's the case, the drama of this "red reverse to black" blanket adds a glam touch when thrown over a chair or couch or — as suggested — loveseat.

Wilton Heart Comfort Grip Cookie Cutter
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wilton heart comfort grip cookie cutter

Price: $3 | Buy it
Perhaps you're hosting the Girl Scout troop gathering for a Valentine's cookie-baking session — or a sleepover for your tween daughter and her besties. Wrap a few of these up — and have the recipe ingredients on hand — and you've given your guests the makings of a sweet holiday activity.

Hydrangea and Rose Artificial Floral Arrangement
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hydrangea and rose artificial floral arrangement

Price: $29 | Buy it
Okay, yes, there's an air of extravagance tied to the presentation of roses. But perhaps you want to get something that lasts forever (like your love...?). Give these to anyone you'd like to have an enduring reminder of your thoughtfulness. The Pure Garden creation comes complete with vase and faux water.

Heritage Rose Petals Rosewater Mist Spray
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heritage rose petals rosewater mist spray

Price: $7 | Buy it
If you want to remember a special teacher or a friend frazzled by stress with something designed to bring them a little serenity, consider this pure natural essence created from European roses that can be used as a perfume, body splash, or heady addition to hair rinse or bath water.

Our Tune Soft Coasters
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our tune soft coasters

Price: $23 | Buy it
These soft coasters — an eco-minded set of eight fashioned out of recycled rubber — are washable, absorb moisture and can be said to encourage the music of love... love in harmony... okay, you come up with a better pun.

Hippopotamus Ceramic Mug
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hippopotamus ceramic mug

Price: $8 | Buy it
Ah, the mug — the universal gift. This 3dRose Ceramic Mug is not only microwave-safe but also features a hippopotamus holding a "love" sign making it ideal for Valentine's Day (and beyond).

Embroidered Valentine Table Runner
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embroidered valentine table runner

Price: $17-$28 | Buy it
There’s a certain charm to someone who truly embraces each and every holiday — decorating his or her home to the proverbial nines. If you know someone like that, the DII Valentine’s Day Printed Collage Kitchen Table Runner — a 100 percent cotton product available in a couple of patterns and sizes — might just be the ideal gift to bring their decorating to another level … of sweetness.

Hotel By Domay Tear Apron
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hotel by domay tear apron

Price: $16 | Buy it
Have a pair of newlyweds on your Valentine's Day gift list? Encourage them to create a romantic meal together by ordering two of these 100-percent cotton, unisex designs. Bet things will heat up quickly.

'The Poems of Elizabeth Barrett Browning'
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'the poems of elizabeth barrett browning'

Price: $26 | Buy it
How do I love thee? "Enough to buy you a book of classic poetry by the famed Victorian-era poet," you might say. Your romantic gesture might even spark your beloved to begin reading these romantic words aloud to you. (Dare to dream.)

Red Patent Tote
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red patent tote

Price: $15 | Buy it
Need a Valentine for your daughter that she won't find babyish? Perhaps the Kendall + Kylie for Walmart tote — a top-zip selection in classic red patent — will become her trendy new best friend.

Monkey Love Valentine Candy Bouquet
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monkey love valentine candy bouquet

Price: $44 | Buy it
When being serious is the last thing you want to do, opt for this sweet choice. It says you care. It says there's plenty of candy to enjoy — but it's not it's saying you're ready to take out a mortgage together (yet). A good choice for young or new (as in "I don't know where we stand") love.

Victorian Valentines
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victorian valentines

Price: $9 | Buy it
The coloring craze may have slowed down, but it's far from over. Ideal for kids — or kids at heart — the Victorian Valentines coloring pages will make for a crafty afternoon.

Home Is Where The Heart Is Wall Art
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home is where the heart is wall art

Price: $22 | Buy it
At the end of the day, it's all about the love you share with those closest to you — and the way they make you feel. Hang this Patton wood wall art wherever you find love — and hopefully, it will be a part of many more happy Valentine's ahead.

8-Piece Garden Tote and Tool Set
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8-piece garden tote and tool set

Price: $12 | Buy it
Your recently retired neighbor is struggling with too much time on her hands. Encourage a new hobby with the Pure Garden Gardening Tools and Supply Essentials Kit that includes a storage bag, rake, shovel, trowel, and more. Maybe this summer she'll bring you a bunch of fresh flowers as a thank you.

Forever New CZ Sterling Silver Earrings and Heart Pendant
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forever new cz sterling silver earrings and heart pendant

Price: $20 | Buy them
Perfect for a young lady — especially when having to buy multiples, such as daughters or granddaughters — this set includes sparkly stud earrings paired with a heart-shaped pendant on an 18-inch chain. That's a lot of dazzle for a Jackson.

Women's Ruffle Wrap Dress
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women's ruffle wrap dress

Price: $23 | Buy it
A wrap dress is a style classic. A red wrap dress is a Valentine's Day dream, especially if it's got flirty ruffles to boot. This MIK design can read demure or downright sexy depending on how it's accessorized — and the lady wearing it.

Way to Celebrate Valentine's Day Twerking Llama
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way to celebrate valentine's day twerking llama

Price: $17 | Buy it
If you think stuffed animals are a dull cop-out, then you've not seen this wacky product from Gemmy Industries. Putting it over the top, besides the twerking, of course? The pseudo saddle blanket emblazoned with "I LLove You LLots!" Ideal for those with a well-developed sense of humor.

Way to Celebrate 20-inch Sweetheart Teddy 2019
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way to celebrate 20-inch sweetheart teddy 2019

Price: $10 | Buy it
Okay, we get it ... you prefer to go classic. Well, it doesn't get any more classic than a cute little teddy bear for your beloved. This one's got the added attraction of having the year on it, making it an instant collectible. Perfect for teens and tweens, as well as the wry adult.