Underpaid? Here's How ChatGPT Can Help You Negotiate a Raise

With the right setup you can make remote work, work

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Can ChatGPT Help Me Get a Raise?

By now we all know ChatGPT is a lightning-fast resource designed to do almost anything we want, but can it do something truly terrifying (for most of us): Ask for a raise? The answer is "maybe" if you proceed with caution. This is a case where you don't want the robot to do all the thinking, but using it as an assist can be pretty useful.

chatgpt home screen

Create an Account

If you haven't already, go ahead and create a ChatGPT account. Visit chat.chat.openai.com and follow the prompts. Then all you'll need to do is add a question for the AI in the message box. Voila, you're that much closer to getting that raise (hopefully).

ChatGPT instructions to get raise

Take Suggestions With a Grain of Salt

The response you get will be a long one, and it's tempting to just follow every step it suggests. Don't be a robot. While the tips may seem great, you have to read them with a critical eye to determine if they're right for you.

ChatGPT raise recommendations

Keep An Open Mind

Okay, this is artificial intelligence, but some of the ideas it presents are pretty sound. Some suggestions may even leap off the page as ones you haven't heard before, like negotiating for perks if money isn't an option. While not every tip will be right for you, there's a good chance some will be tactics you'll want to try.

ChatGPT question

Include Details in Your Question

Just asking "how do I get a raise?" probably won't give you the precise results you want if you have conditions the AI doesn't know about, like being too shy or nervous to ask in person. 

ChatGPT request

Personalize the Results

Don't just cut and paste a proposed script from ChatGPT. If you have zero to little personality, the email won't reek of AI, but if you do? Try to give the email (whether it's asking for a raise or thanking your boss for a meeting) a bit of your own voice. 

You've got yourself a deal

You Can't Send the AI to Do the Dirty Work

While it might be tempting (and more comfortable) to just grab whatever ChatGPT recommends and wait for a response, it's probably not your best option. After reading and absorbing the AI recommendations that work for you, walk in and talk to your boss. You won't get bitten (hopefully), and you might earn some respect for being brave enough to ask, whether or not you get the raise.