24 Trump Properties Not Actually Owned by Trump


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Trump Plaza in New Rochelle, New York
Photo credit: HomeTourVision/youtube.com

President Donald Trump made a name for himself by literally making gilded names for himself -- and slapping them onto buildings. Before "The Apprentice" and before the Oval Office, Trump was synonymous with multimillion-dollar real estate and the businesses therein. Hotels, casinos, condominium complexes, golf clubs, and wineries all bear his name, but don't expect him to be the person who owns them anymore. Whether they're run by the family business to avoid a conflict of interest or by licensees (who may want to pry the golden letters off), there's a whole lot of the Trump brand gracing properties that don't belong to Donald Trump.
Trump Palace in New York City
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New York City
Donald Trump had a role in developing this 55-story condominium complex at 200 E. 69th S., but it's now strictly a Trump-branded property that holds his name through a licensing agreement. Residents have tried to have the named removed (as has happened at the Trump SoHo and former Trump Place at Riverside South), but it hasn't budged.

Trump Parc and Parc East in New York City
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New York City
Trump bought the first building at 106 Central Park South and the second at 100 Central Park South in 1981 for $13 million. Trump tried to turn the building into condominiums and kick out residents in rent-controlled apartments, his plan stalled in court. They stayed, and Trump paid their legal fees.

Trump Plaza in New York City
Photo credit: Courtesy of wikimedia.org

New York City
Trump built this 36-story co-op at 167 E. 61st St. on the Upper East Side back in 1983 for $125 million. The co-op owners have left Trump's name on the building, but got a nasty surprise in 2014 when they were asked to cough up $1 million or more apiece to buy the land beneath the building.

Trump World Tower in New York City
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New York City
Opened at 845 United Nations Plaza in 2001, Trump World Tower and its 72 stories of glass walls have been home to former New York Yankee Derek Jeter, tech mogul Bill Gates, and, on the 45th floor, Saudi Arabian royalty. It's been featured on "The Apprentice," but Trump is listed only as the developer, not the owner.

Trump Park Avenue in New York City
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New York City
The former Hotel Delmonico at 502 Park Ave. near 59th Street was converted into 120 condominiums by Trump in 2002. Though Trump hung onto some square footage, he doesn't own the building.

Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York City
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New York City
Trump partnered with General Electric on 1 Central Park West for $40 million when it redeveloped the building in 1994. With 200 condominium units and a full hotel right on Columbus Circle, this supposedly 52-story building -- it was a 44-story building before Trump, and he added no height -- was considered something of a comeback for the magnate after a post-1980s slump. But he doesn't own it.

Trump Plaza and Bay Street in Jersey City, New Jersey
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Jersey City, New Jersey
Son-in-law Jared Kushner is the "Trump" at these towers of 55 and 50 stories. Opened in 2008 and 2016 (a break due in large part to the recession), these towers raised eyebrows along the Jersey City waterfront and inspired neighbors, many of whom Trump accused of cheering after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, to protest after Trump's election.

Trump Plaza in New Rochelle, New York
Photo credit: HomeTourVision/youtube.com

New Rochelle, New York
Briefly the tallest building in Westchester County, the 40-story Plaza licensed to display the Trump name was seen as key to New Rochelle redevelopment plans when opening in 2007. Linked to the New Roc City shopping and entertainment district, it is now part of a city within a city and is basically a condo complex with its own outdoor mall.

Trump Tower At City Center in White Plains, New York
Photo credit: Courtesy of apartments.com

White Plains, New York
White Plains is a booming corporate center, and the 35-story, 212-condo Trump Tower -- where the licensed name is now a point of contention among residents -- was no slouch when the property opened in 2005. Much of the credit goes to local developer Louis R. Cappelli, who was behind New Rochelle as well.

Trump Park Residences in Shrub Oak, New York
Photo credit: Courtesy of realtor.com

Shrub Oak, New York
Yet another Trump license project with Cappelli, these 141 condos debuted in 2007. Easily the most suburban of Trump's residential properties in the area, this community on 55 woodland acres has a pond, movie screening room, business center, and trails. The "Trump" sign at the entrance was vandalized and taken down in 2017.

Trump Grande in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida
Photo credit: Courtesy of trumpmiami.com

Sunny Isles Beach, Florida
Three towers of 271 condo units apiece over 11 acres and nearly 1,000 feet of oceanfront, with 10-foot ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, outdoor terraces, a day spa, tennis center, concierge, and an aquatics area -- also with Trump branding, not ownership.

Trump Parc in Stamford, Connecticut
Photo credit: Courtesy of wikimedia.org

Stamford, Connecticut
Once again, this 37-story condo tower is Trump's only in name, which is all Cappelli and F.D. Rich needed when opening in 2009. Trump Parc has also grappled with dropping the name -- though one of 177 units is owned by Trump supporters and WWE owners Vince and Linda McMahon.

Trump Hollywood in Hollywood, Florida
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Hollywood, Florida
This 40-story, 200-unit condo along 240 feet of beach between Fort Lauderdale and Miami includes an oceanfront pool deck, elaborate spa, and beach cabanas, a cigar lounge, and wine cellar. But when it was foreclosed upon just one year after opening, it turned out Trump -- listed as a developer -- was just licensing his name.

Trump Winery in Charlottesville, Virginia
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Charlottesville, Virginia
Donald Trump says he owns this winery. He does not. He may have bought it under interesting circumstances in 2011, but his son Eric's limited liability corporation is the owner. He's also called it one of the largest wineries in the United States or the east coast. It is not.

Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey
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Atlantic City, New Jersey
Trump's name was the last one on this abandoned property when it closed in 2014, though corporate raider Carl Icahn has been its owner since 2016. The Plaza's future seems to involve demolition by the state, though nature got its licks in.

Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey
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Atlantic City, New Jersey
Bathed in garish lights and color, this casino hotel was the crown jewel of Trump's casino empire when it opened in 1990. It was a run-down wreck when it closed in 2016 and sold for pennies on the dollar last year. This summer, it reopens as the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino stripped of Trump's name.

Trump International Hotel and Tower Waikiki Beach Walk in Honolulu, Hawaii
Photo credit: Courtesy of wikimedia.org

Honolulu, Hawaii
This 38-story, 462-unit hotel-condominium reportedly sold out all of its units in one day for $700 million when it opened in 2009, though it was mostly vacant a year later in a real estate slump. Now it includes a disclaimer on its website noting that is it not owned by Trump or his organization and the license can be terminated or revoked.

Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago in Chicago, Illinois
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Chicago, Illinois
Along the river on what was once the site of the Chicago Sun-Times, this hotel -- the seventh-tallest building in the world when it opened in 2009, now the 26th tallest -- was developed by Trump and managed by the Trump organization. The International is no longer under his direct control, but protesters flock there nonetheless.

Trump Towers Istanbul in Istanbul, Turkey
Photo credit: Courtesy of wikimedia.org

Istanbul, Turkey
There's a licensing and management agreement in place for this condo, office, and mall complex, and many Turks -- including President Recep Tayyip Erdogan -- want the Trump name removed for his comments about Muslims. (Some didn't realize the "Trump" referred to that Trump.)

Trump International Hotel and Tower Vancouver in Vancouver, British Columbia
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Vancouver, British Columbia
This 63-story building, the second-tallest in Vancouver wasn't built by Trump and was never owned by him or his organization. It still faced protests as soon as it opened in 2017 with three Trump children on hand, boycotted by local officials. Considering that Ivanka Trump faces an FBI investigation for business deals at the tower, the name may not be permanent.

Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto in Toronto, Ontario
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Toronto, Ontario
The funny thing about strictly licensing Trump's name is that you can remove it almost by whim. Toronto just scrubbed Trump's name off what became the Adelaide after falling into receivership when the owners -- never Trump -- opted to try their luck elsewhere.

Trump Towers in Pune, India
Photo credit: Courtesy of proptiger.com

Pune, India
As with most foreign buildings bearing his name, Trump had nothing to do with this one. Developed by Panchshil Realty and given the Trump name by license, these 22-story towers dedicate entire floors to 44 five-bedrooms condos with their own home theaters.

Trump Tower Mumbai in Mumbai, India
Photo credit: Courtesy of lodhaluxury.com

Mumbai, India
Billionaire Mangal Lodha sounds like Trump: Developing a 75-story, 400-unit luxury condo building while serving in a leadership role for a major political party. Trump Tower Mumbai is in a planned city community called The Park, which we get the feeling Trump would like for its distinct similarities to Central Park. Sales were slow, despite the Trump name and offers of a private jet service just for tenants.

Trump Ocean Club International Hotel in Panama City, Panama
Photo credit: Courtesy of wikimedia.org

Panama City, Panama
The owners of this Trump-branded hotel and condo complex sent the Trump management team packing with the help of Panamanian officials, suggesting the brand was tanking property values. Ownership pried his name off of the building and played Greek anti- fascist music in the lobby in victory.

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