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In-N-Out is out. Shake Shack can take a step back. Whataburger — what burger? There's a new sheriff in town when it comes to rave-worthy burgs, and it's surprisingly niche. Last summer, "Good Morning America" crowned rapper Bun B's Houston-based Trill Burgers as the real burger king when its burgers were dubbed the best in the nation. 

Despite its standing as a hyper-local burger joint, Trill Burgers has continued causing a stir on social media, especially as other big-name celebrities including Mike Tyson, Drake, and Ludacris have contributed to the craze surrounding the restaurant. 

Where is Trill Burgers located?

With so much buzz surrounding Bun B's Trill Burgers, you'd think the restaurant was taking the nation by storm, but there is actually only one brick-and-mortar restaurant in Houston, Texas. However, since Trill Burgers just opened in June 2023, we wouldn't be surprised if it followed in Dave's Hot Chicken's footsteps and started popping up in other states. 

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Who owns Trill Burgers?

Rapper Bun B (best known as one-half of the rap duo UGK) owns Trill Burgers, which he co-founded with restauranteurs Andy Nguyen and Nick Scurfield. The restaurant got its start during the COVID-19 pandemic, participating in various pop-up events, and recently unveiled its first brick-and-mortar establishment. Since its opening, other rap artists including Travis Scott, Drake, and Ludacris (who is no stranger to the celebrity restaurant business) have stopped in to grab a bite, which they gushed over afterward on social media.


🚨SOFT OPENING DAY🚨 11 am - 9 pm 📍3607 S Shepherd Dr Houston,TX 77098 ****PARKING IS LIMITED**** **No drive-thru** **No Online or Phone Orders**

♬ original sound - Trill Burgers

What's on Trill Burgers' menu?

Riding the wave of the smash burger craze, Trill Burgers serves up smash burger patties in single, double, and triple varieties. Its burgs come complete with American cheese, caramelized onions, pickles, and Trill sauce. Bun B didn't leave vegans out of the party either, with vegan versions of all three of its burger options also on the menu. 

As for sides, Trill keeps things simple with french fries. 

Patrons of the restaurant love the no-frills menu — it seems Trill Burgers has figured out what works and is sticking to it. (Don't be surprised if it soon joins the ranks of local burger chains the rest of the country needs.)

Be right back, we're gonna go look up how much a flight to Houston costs. 

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