10 'Anywhere Exercises' for Staying in Shape on the Road


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Summer is all about making travel plans and taking advantage of the long days and shorter nights. All the fun in the sun can sometimes get in the way of healthy habits, but no excuses: Wherever you are, you have everything you need to get in a feel-good total-body workout.

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A successful full-body workout should begin with light cardio exercise to warm up the body and get the muscles ready to work. Start with 50 jumping jacks and 30 seconds of running in place. Repeat this three times.

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For full-body activation, this exercise is one of the most effective. Start by squatting low and placing your hands on the floor. Jump your feet back behind you into a plank position. Complete one push-up and then jump your feet back to the squat position. Jump up into the air as high as possible and then return to a squat. Repeat 10 times.

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Make sure you have plenty of room, then stand with your feet slightly wider than your hips. Squat low, with your knees over your ankles. When you come back up, jump in the air, spin 180 degrees, and land back in a squat. Continue in the same direction to complete a circle. Make 15 full circles in one direction, and then 15 full circles in the opposite direction.

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Stand with arms extended straight out in front of you. Raise your right leg and flex your toes toward your face. Try to keep your right leg as straight as you can. Bend your left knee, lowering your body but keeping your torso straight and your right leg lifted. Return to standing. Repeat 15 times on each leg.

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Stand with feet hip-width apart and arms straight up in the air, biceps by your ears. Step your right foot behind you and bend your left knee to come into a lunge. As your left knee bends, bring your left arm behind you and your right arm forward, both at shoulder height, so you're twisting at your core over your left leg. Bring your torso back to center and your arms straight up over your head. Step the right foot forward to meet the left. Repeat on the other side. Complete 20 on each side.

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Set a timer for one minute. Start in a plank on your palms, keeping your quads engaged and your belly button hugging up and in. Lower your right forearm then left forearm. Come back onto the right palm then the left palm. Repeat this for the entire minute. Take a 15-second break and then complete two more rounds (for a total of three).

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Lie on your belly and extend the arms forward. Keeping your torso as still as possible, raise your arms and legs into the air. Take three breaths before returning your limbs to the ground. Complete 15 times.

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For this tricep take on the classic push-up, start in a high plank position with your hands in a diamond shape, so that your index fingers and thumbs touch their opposite. Bend your elbows out to the sides to 90 degrees and pause for a full breath before pushing yourself back up. Note: You may need to begin with your knees on the ground and lower less than halfway down. Complete 20 repetitions.

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Start in a plank position with your shoulders over your wrists. Position your right hand below your face. Bring your feet together behind you and then roll onto the outside edge of your right foot so that your feet and legs are stacked and your body is open to the left side of the room. Lift your left arm into the air toward the ceiling. Hold for 10 breaths and then switch sides. Repeat 10 times on each side.

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Lie on your back and bend your knees so that your feet are on the floor, heels close to your seat. Bring your arms behind your head with fingers reaching behind you. Press into your heels and lift your hips as high into the air as possible. As you do so, bring your arms over your head and down to the ground. Lower the hips down and bring the arms back to their starting position behind you. Repeat 20 times. (For an added challenge, try lifting one of your legs straight up into the air.)

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Lie down on your back with your legs extended and your arms over your head. On an inhale, bring your hands to your toes and your toes to your hands, keeping both legs and arms as straight as possible. Your shoulders, neck, and head will come off the ground as you reach for your feet. Return to lying flat with the legs extended and arms out behind you. Repeat 25 times.

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Set the timer for three minutes. Lie flat on your back and close your eyes and breathe. Let your muscles relax and begin to restore.