Killing Time on a Flight


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As if flying isn’t more annoying (and expensive) than ever these days, there’s always the constant worry of acruing baggage fees. It seems like if you want to save money, you have to come with the clothes on your back and nothing else. This happened to me on a recent weeklong family trip — to avoid spending the equivalent of nearly two extra plane tickets, my family of four stuffed as few belongings as possible into one suitcase — which we still had to pay for! — and it sucked. There just has to be a better way.

Which is why an influencer’s “why didn’t I think of that” packing hacks are all the more intriguing.

TikToker @cheapholidayexpert provides tips and tricks for getting around luggage limitations while traveling. One viral video shows the influencer wearing a multi-pocketed zip-up vest designed for fishing equipment. She stuffs the pockets with everything from a swimsuit to a laptop, effectively making it a wearable suitcase. Did anyone stop her before she boarded? Nope: The video shows her breezing right through to her gate. If you want to replicate this savvy travel hack, you can buy a fishing vest right off of Amazon.

@cheapholidayexpert Packing hack #3 - A FISHING VEST 🎣 After stuffing my pants in a neck pillow and using a duty free bag, it was only time before I reached the heady heights of leisurewear 🦺 Not only is it super stylish (😬) but it has about twelve million pockets for stuffing your bits in. Honestly - this one is daft but also… COMPLETELY LEGIT???!! It’s a winner for me 😂 WOULD YOU GIVE THIS A GO? And let me know if there’s any hacks you want me to test out for you - I AM WILLING TO GIVE ANYTHING A GO 💪 Just call it #inv#investigativejournalism‍♀️ 💾 Don’t forget to save this hack or tag someone you think will like this!! #t#travelhacktravelhacks #pac#packinghacke#cheaptraveld#budgettravels#easyjeta#ryanair ♬ original sound - Cheap Holiday Expert

But another hack specifically caught our attention: Using a neck pillow as a suitcase. The TikToker replaces the memory foam in the pillow with seven pairs of underwear, five pairs of socks, a pair of leggings, and two T-shirts. She then puts the travel pillow into a security tray and goes through to her gate without a single issue.

Even better is that the pillow remains comfortable enough for her to use during her flight. The whole thing has us thinking outside the suitcase, so to speak.

The hacks garnered some serious love from followers. 

“I’m so doing this,” comments @allyouneedislove48.

"I did this just last week, I put 2 hoodies in there all rolled up and it left SO much space in my carry on," adds @la_vie_de_gin.

If travel pillows and fishing vests aren’t your thing, the TikToker also tries stuffing a bra with clothes. The bottom line: Whatever innovative packing hack she comes up with next, we’re here for it.

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