Trader Joe's "Two Buck Chuck"
Trader Joe's "Two Buck Chuck" by Mack Male (CC BY-SA)

Will Inflation Kill Trader Joe's Two Buck Chuck?

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A popular photo on Reddit's r/traderjoes forum has many cheap wine lovers upset over the price of the grocery chain's iconic Two Buck Chuck. It shows a shelf of Charles Shaw wine bottles at a Florida Trader Joe's selling for $4.49, a steep increase from its famous $2 price. 

The user who posted the photo blamed inflation as the culprit behind the increase. But, while the wine industry hasn't been immune to the effects of supply chain disruptions and inflation, the wine's price calculations are more complicated. In other words, chances are you don't need to run out to your local Trader Joe's and stock up on Two Buck Chuck before it becomes Eight Buck Chuck.

Unlike other stores' loss leaders — we're looking at you, $1.50 Costco hot dog combo — the price of Two Buck Chuck varies by location due to state and local alcohol laws. As Reddit commenters helpfully point out, $4.49 for a bottle of Chuck seems to be an outlier, with most shoppers reporting that the wine is still selling for about $3 at their locations. 

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