Trader Joe's Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips and Takis

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Trader Joe's is known for its house-brand knockoffs, and every time it seems like they've run out of products to copy, a new one hits the shelves. Trader Joe’s Chile and Lime Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips, a copycat of the popular original Takis, have been around for quite a while, and in that time they've amassed a dedicated fanbase. Unfortunately, it seems like they won't be around for much longer: According to Reddit and a Trader Joe's employee I spoke with, the Trader Joe's Takis dupe will be discontinued in the near future. 


Though I'm a huge fan of both products, I've never actually gone bite-for-bite with 'em. Which actually tastes better? Time being of the essence, I hit Trader Joe’s, grabbed a bag (hopefully not for the last time), and buckled down for a comparison.

Trader Joe's Rolled Corn Tortilla ChipsPhoto credit: Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

Comparing the Ingredients

It should come as a surprise to nobody that Trader Joe's is providing a, shall we say, less artificial experience. Both ingredient lists start the same way, with corn, vegetable oil, and seasoning, but right from the start, Joe is almost bragging about his all-natural ingredients. Takis uses corn flour, while the Trader Joe's version uses "stone ground yellow corn." Takis uses artificial food dye for color; Trader Joe's is going with vegetable juice, paprika, and turmeric for color. Takis is out here peddling us citric acid, and Trader Joe's is hooking us up with actual lime juice concentrate. It's a whole different game.

Trader Joe's Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips and TakisPhoto credit: Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

Blind Taste Test

The most fair way to compare the two is a blind taste test. After tasting my first chip, I was hit with a flavor bomb: spicy, acidic, perfectly crunchy, and teetering on the verge of too salty. Not that that's a bad thing; that's what a tortilla chip should be. (Except for you, Chipotle. Lighten up on the salt already.)

For a split second, I thought the second chip was identical. That was gone in a flash as all the exciting flavors of the first began to fade. It was like hitting the mute button on the first chip. It was less spicy, less limey, less salty, and less crunchy. Less everything, really. This thing had proven itself to be a much wider margin than I ever expected.

TakisPhoto credit: Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

The Winner

It's Takis, y'all. The first chip was an original Taki.

I've bought the Trader Joe's dupes many times in my life, and never once had I considered how much more dull they are than the actual thing. Don't get me wrong; they're a delicious chip that I will definitely miss, but I can't lie ... the next time I get a craving, I'm heading to 7-Eleven.

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