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Trader Joe’s seasonal holiday goods have hit stores across the country, including a "12 days of scented candles" gift set, dark chocolate-covered gingerbread folk, and jingle-jangle pretzel twists. But TJ’s superfans seem most excited by a returning holiday favorite — the colorful wool trivets, wreaths, and garlands.

For months, superfans on Reddit and TikTok have been waiting for their return and praising the woolen hand-made crafts.

“I bought these felted wool balls from Trader Joe’s so many times and brought them home. My wife, she’s fed up with me because I keep bringing them home,” one shopper says in a popular TikTok, which has more than 400,000 views.

@teemoetayoh I try to do my best as the designated shopper for our home/family. I really do. #TraderJoes #shopping #crafting #decorating #holidays #marriage ♬ Me And My A.K - Ephraim Bugumba

“I’m obsessed with them too! I don’t know what to actually do with them, but I want them every time I walk past them,” one viewer commented, adding a laughing emoji.

The felted wool garlands cost $10, while the trivets sell for $5, and the wreaths retail for $20. (Prices and availability are subject to change.)

The felted wool crafts also make excellent cat toys, according to multiple Trader Joe’s shoppers on Reddit.

“(Our cat) loves sitting on it and also rolling around with it while kicking it with her back feet,” one Redditor writes. The cats may be attracted to the colorful garlands, trivets, and wreaths because they contain lanolin.

While it may be difficult to find these limited-edition holiday items in store — they’re flying off the shelves — you can buy them on eBay and Amazon.

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