The Trader Joe's Dog Treats My Picky Dog Liked — and the Ones He Didn't

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Fido's Favorites

Trader Joe's isn't just a good place to buy irresistible human snacks. It's also a destination for uniquely-flavored dog treats inspired by dog owners' meals. As the owner of a very picky standard poodle who will turn up his snout at nearly anything that isn't human-grade (sprinkled cheese must accompany his kibble or he will give the stink-eye), we figured Trader Joe's dog treats were worth a shot. We picked five treats for under $5 each that had a human meal aspect to them — think leftovers, burgers, and surf n' turf. We gave them to Moby the poodle in a taste test, curious to see if he could be fooled into eating dog treats inspired by his owner's dinner. Here are the Trader Joe's dog treats he loved — and the ones he didn't.

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Trader Joe's Assorted Dog Treats
Jennifer Magid

Best: Dog Treats, Assorted Natural Flavors


Sometimes basic is best. Moby couldn't get enough of these cookie-like biscuits in peanut butter, bacon and cheddar cheese, chicken, and cheddar cheese flavors. At under $4 per box, they were also one of the cheapest options. They were probably the least unique of all the treats he tried — just good ol' dog treats made with whole wheat, molasses, and oats, much like a healthy human cookie. The shapes were adorable — squirrel, cat, bone and car — but Moby was happy to chow down on all of them.

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Trader Joe's Chewcuterie dog treats
Jennifer Magid

2. Chew-Cuterie Dog Treats


This gourmet combo caught Moby's fancy, with flavors of cheddar cheese, salami, provolone, and prosciutto. At under $4, it's also more affordable than a typical charcuterie board for humans. The crunchy treats supposedly have a savory flavor, though we noticed the first ingredient in each variety is whole wheat, with the ingredient for the actual flavor noted further down the list. If Moby could talk, he would say, "If you won't give me a real piece of prosciutto, I'll happily settle for this."

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Cheeseburger Treats
Trader Joe's

3. Grain Free Cheeseburger Flavor Dog Treats


This dog loves human cheeseburgers. (Who doesn't?) He'll literally drool at anyone eating one, and one of his favorite special outings is to the McDonald's drive-through. We figured these cheeseburger treats would be the sure-fire winner. He simply sniffed it and left it on the carpet. Is it because it's grain-free? The first ingredients are chickpeas, tapioca starch, and green peas. Beef is towards the bottom of the ingredient list. This poodle was not fooled by the cheeseburger shape.

Better Than Leftovers Treats

4 (Tie). Better Than Leftovers


This collection of soft-baked treats is supposed to taste like leftover human food after Thanksgiving. Think roast beef and gravy, sweet potato and apple pie. Moby was non-plussed. With whole wheat flour as the main ingredient, he wasn't fooled. He sniffed it and walked away, probably knowing that his owner is a sucker who would give him human food scraps anyway.

Reef N Beef Dog Treats

4 (Tie). Reef N ‘ Beef Soft Baked Crab Meal & Beef Recipe


As a dog who loves chewy beef things, we thought Moby would go nuts for these. Nope. He wouldn't touch them. These soft-baked circles feature oat flour as the first ingredient and crab meal next. Beef is also high up on the ingredients list. Although surf n' turf may be a delicacy for humans, this dog was not enthused. Luckily, the treats were the cheapest option at $3, but the 4-ounce bag is fairly small.