Power Up: 8 Tips and Tricks To Maximize Your Cellphone’s Battery Life

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Take Charge

Does your cellphone always seem to be out of juice, or close to it? You're not alone. As technology becomes a more integral and seamless part of our daily lives, the importance of maximizing our devices' battery life to ensure they last throughout the day has grown. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, follow these tips and tricks to extend and optimize your battery life so you can stay connected at all hours of the day.

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Adjust Your Screen's Brightness

Dimming the brightness on your cellphone's screen is an effective way to conserve battery life. Since the screen is one of the most power-hungry features on your phone, it can consume a significant amount of energy — especially if your phone is set to the brightest setting. By lowering the brightness to a comfortable level that doesn't strain your eyes, you can save battery life without compromising visibility. 

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Turn Off Unnecessary Features

Turning off unnecessary features on your device is another effective way to extend its battery life. Features such as Bluetooth and GPS can consume a considerable amount of power — even when not actively in use — and can drain your battery faster than you might think. To turn off features on your phone, go to your phone's settings and look for the option related to the feature you'd like to turn off. 

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Turn On 'Power-Saving' Mode

Most smartphones come with a low or battery-saver mode that can help conserve battery life when its running low. When activated, power-saving mode reduces the phone's performance, lowers the screen brightness, and restricts certain features — such as email and app updates — that consume a lot of power. Turning this feature on can extend your phone's battery life and buy you some time if you're not near a power outlet. 

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Close Unused Apps

Closing unused apps is another effective way to conserve battery life. Even if you're not actively using an app, it may continue running in the background and consuming power, draining your phone's battery faster than necessary. To close unused apps on your phone, go onto your device's app switcher or recent apps screen, and swipe up or down to close any apps that you're not actively using. 

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Reduce Push Notifications

Push notifications are messages or alerts that appear on your phone's screen and help notify you of new updates, emails, or events. While push notifications are useful for staying up-to-date on the latest news and calendar reminders, they can also drain your phone's battery by constantly turning on your phone's screen and using up energy.

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Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Have you ever been chilling poolside and suddenly your phone is sending a glaring message warning that your device needs to "cool down before you can use it again?" According to Apple, if your device exceeds a certain temperature threshold, it will present a "temperature warning screen" — potentially damaging the battery and shortening its lifespan. 

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Don't Charge Your Phone All the Way

Not charging your phone fully can help slow down the depletion of your phone's battery life cycle, says Liz Hamilton, Director at Mobile Klinik, a mobile phone repair business. She recommends keeping your battery charged within the range of 25-85%, which is considered the "sweet spot" for optimal battery health. It's also worth noting that if you're experiencing slow charging on your phone, it's important to identify the underlying cause to ensure that your phone's battery is functioning properly.

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Buy a Portable Charger

Investing in a quality portable charger or power bank can be an excellent way to extend your cellphone's battery life. A power bank allows you to charge your phone on the go, without the need for a power outlet. By keeping a power bank with you, you can ensure that your phone always has a source of backup power, even when you're away from home or traveling. You can buy a highly-reviewed one on Best Buy for less than $20.