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If you're single and ready to mingle, you have more to worry about than great abs or a steady paycheck if you want to impress. According to user data from dating app Tinder, 47% of singles consider finding out a date is a nonvoter is a deal breaker. On the bright side, being a voter may make up for a little extra paunch — 53% said knowing a date is a regular voter makes them more attractive. 

This year, politics was a big deal to singles, with 75% looking for a new love that respected or was invested in social issues. But if you're worried the finding means you have to vote a particular way to woo, think again. Almost half of singles (46%) are open to dating someone with very different views, 40% want a partner who can discuss both sides of a political issue, and only 24% want a partner who thinks exactly as they do.

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So, register to vote, and have an opinion about the issues — but be willing to change it too. Not having an open mind about key issues is a deal breaker for 58% of singles, while having no opinion at all is a deal breaker for 31%, a dramatic change since 2017 when only 16% said the same. 

Abortion is also a sticking point for women — two out of three single women won't date a partner who doesn't share their views on the topic. 

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