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Are you one of those people who pulls into the fast-food drive-thru and fumbles when asked for your order? Do you hit them with a "give me one second" while you try and decide what your stomach and heart desire? Sometimes, we just don't know what we want. 

In those times of hunger-fueled uncertainty, who better to rely on for meal suggestions than the employees themselves? This epiphany has led some TikTokers to ask drive-thru workers to give them what they like to order, and one such experiment at Chick-fil-A has us thinking two things: First, the worker is an inventive genius and second, we need to try this suggestion ASAP. 

@alexis.frost Hot honey chicken sandwich ✅ suggested by Rachel.marie_a on IG . #mrsfrost #chickfila #chickensandwich #fastfood #foodie #foodtok ♬ mario sound - mandycap

First things first, the employee told TikTok user @alexis.frost to order a chicken sandwich with extra butter, double toasted. While the TikToker noted she did order it that way, it wasn't evident that the sandwich was extra buttery or extra toasty. 

She then asked for Texas Pete hot sauce and two packets of honey. She disassembled the sandwich and put the chicken filet back in the bag — solo — added the sauces, and gave it a good shake to coat the chicken. The transformed filet that she pulled out of the bag looked like an absolute thing of glory. Saucy and sticky (and we're betting extra flavorful). 

She then put the chicken back on the bun with the pickles intact and her eye-roll and "mmm" as she took a bite almost caused us to drop everything and head to Chick-fil-A to try this ourselves. The verbal verdict? "Very messy but definitely a 10."

Stay tuned for Cheapism to give this hack a try ourselves because we're as inspired as we are hungry.

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