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Do you like to travel? Do you like free stuff? We're assuming those were double-yes answers, so allow us to dial you in on the latest TikTok travel hack that will easily earn you free Delta SkyMiles.

Delta's SkyMiles loyalty program provides travelers with rewards so they can work toward an eventual free trip. Fliers can earn the coveted miles in a number of ways, from flying main cabin or above to spending money with Delta's on-the-ground partner hotels, restaurants, and retail locations. There are also all sorts of loopholes, caveats, and perks that the program offers, but that's a story for another time. 

TikTok user @janelleonajet shared a short video showing how she checks an empty tote bag and gains 2,500 free Delta SkyMiles in return. In a follow-up video, she explains that Delta has a policy surrounding luggage. If your bags don't arrive at your baggage claim location within 20 minutes of the plane doors opening, Delta will provide you with 2,500 SkyMiles on the house. 

That's it? 20 minutes?! Half of the travelers are still standing on the plane 20 minutes after the door opens, waiting for people to grab their carry-ons out of the overhead compartments. Sounds like an easy policy to capitalize upon, but to solidify your chances, a solitary empty tote bag floating around in the abyss of baggage claim is pretty unlikely to turn up unscathed in such a short period of time. 

As for setting this hack up, all you have to do is Google "Delta bags on time," and you'll find the form to fill out

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Keep in mind, the TikToker's credit card offered her the ability to check an additional bag for free. If such a card isn't claiming space in your wallet, you might wind up paying for that empty tote bag, which kind of puts a damper on things. The policy is also per flight, not per bag, so don't try and check 10 empty bags to finance your next vacation. 

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