Dental health in young people


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While TikTok can be a valuable resource for high-protein recipes, cleaning tips, and in-depth discussions about whether Meghan Markle is totally dissing her father-in-law, it may not be the best place to pick up dental care hacks. I know, it's a drag, but you may want to keep your teeth for a while, and some TikTok recommendations could lead to sensitive or loose teeth, pain, or even tooth death — ultimately leading to a root canal. 

A number of dentists said many of the DIY dental hacks, such as gargling bleach or hydrogen peroxide, brushing with purple shampoo, filing teeth with a nail file, or straightening them with rubber bands can have dire consequences. The president of the Australian Dental Association labeled some of these hacks as "catastrophic" and noted many are difficult to reverse (teeth filing, we're looking at you). 

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If you decide to mix up your own teeth-whitening bleach, for example, there's a chance you might kill the tooth and end up needing a root canal. And if that's the case, we bet you're going to spend a lot more at the dentist you've been avoiding than your so-called hack could have saved. 

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