chocolate pasta

chocolate pasta by tednmiki (CC BY-SA)

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Sometimes we just want to do something different with that last box of pasta. Maybe you're an artist looking for inspiration. Maybe you're a chef and you're sick of Bolognese. Maybe you conduct a lot of taste tests for a living and you're constantly trying to find new things to do with the products piled up in your pantry. 

TikTok user @bakedbymelissa caught the internet's attention with her use of shell-shaped pasta when she made ... well ... churros?

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As seen in the video, it looks like our girl has boiled the shells, salted them, and popped them into the oven. While they roast, she puts together a quick mixture of sugar, cinnamon, and (we're guessing) more salt. Then she tosses the baked pasta in the cinnamon-sugar mix and serves 'em alongside dipping chocolate. Behold: dessert pasta.

As you can see, she's not the only one on the dessert pasta train. How about this spaghetti funnel cake?

We'll leave you with this strawberry shortcake pasta. Much like the 2022 horror film "Barbarian," this video is terrifying, takes several narrative left turns, and features a person who could be described as a barbarian.

Next year's lasagna milkshake trend should be a lot of fun.

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