Disneyland Resort, California


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TikTok might be a good source for recipe tips and fun dance moves, but it's not great for sharing ways of getting around safety regulations — or at least The Walt Disney Co. doesn't think so. 

When users of the social media app advised users going to Disney California Adventure to loosen their seatbelts on one popular ride, the theme park put up new warning signs — and informed those following the trend it could get them kicked out of the park entirely.

For those who haven't been on the Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: Breakout! ride, it's a 199-foot-high tower featuring an elevator with six steep drops. The idea of loosening the ride's seat belt is intended to increase airtime as riders drop, but it also increases the risk of bashing your head against the ceiling when the ride falls or incurring some other injury. The other risk is getting tossed out of the park — and with tickets costing upward of $73 a day, it seems like one not worth taking.

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The Disney-themed trend was at least the second in a week to make news. After a couple took to TikTok to share how they snuck their child onto rides he was too short for, other users complained loudly about how their "ultimate hack" was potentially putting their child at risk of injury. The couple has since removed the videos and apologized, but not before posting one showing that the hack worked.

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